I agree with many that Dr. Howard Dean should be head of HHS. He is a Dr. and did a lot for Vermont as Governor, as well as head of the DNC. Yes he is a loyal Dem. and would work hard to get health care pass.

I also believe that since we are now relieved that Greg withdrew his name for Commerce Secretary we should start looking for the proper person to head this and that is why I am throwing Dick Gephardt name into the hat.

Dick Gephardt did a lot for the working people, he was well loved by the Unions, what better person could we have in that position?

He is also a loyal Dem. and would probably do a good job in that position. What do you think?

Sorry this is short. But would like some input.....

Originally posted to tiredofcrap on Thu Feb 12, 2009 at 04:02 PM PST.


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