I'm forty.  I'm a member of "Generation X."  Bound to go down in U.S. history as the most selfish, worthless, reactionary generation since . . . the 1920's?  

Check this out:

There's Generation Swine rearing it's ugly head in 1992--a year after I completed college.

Now indulge me, let's have a little chat about my generation--especially if you are a member of my generation.  Why are (we) they swine?  How did it happen?  And, will we ever change?

Here are the latest DKOS/R2000 numbers on President Obama, guess who's leading the disapproval numbers at 32%?


18-29 84 11 5
30-44 65 32 3
45-59 69 26 5
60+    61 30   9

That's right!  Generation Swine!  Even beating out the over 60 set--many of who grew up when racism was officially tolerated and went to segregated schools. I mean c'mon, my great grand-dad was a flaming racist, but at least I could wrap my brain around why--it's all he ever knew--it's all he was ever taught--and it was perfectly acceptable for most of his life.  But Gen X?  What's our fucking excuse?  We went to segregated schools (most of us).  We knew blacks, asians, hispanics (most of us).  Racism was finally officially bad.  I repeat, because we ARE a racist generation, what's our fucking excuse?

Whose responsible for the worthless generation swine, is it this guy?


I remember when I was a child of 12 in 1980 I fervently wanted Reagan to win.  (BTW I wanted Carter to win in '76).  Anyway, I was a kid.  A boy obsessed with the military and war.  I liked this tough talker who was going to restore our national honor.  The night Reagan won, my liberal Dad said "I hope you're happy."  I was.

Eventually I grew up.  I put away childish things.  I realized Reagan was a senile old actor who was playing a role.  Nasty little white men were pulling the strings behind him.  Nasty little white men who had no respect for the Constitution, the Law, or the lives of working people.  Why didn't more people from Generation Swine grow up and realize Reagan's "rugged self-reliance" amounted to little more than tax breaks for the wealthy, empty rhetoric, and invading tiny countries?

Or what about this?


Did the whole "greed is good" thing really sink into Generation Swine.  Remember the awful song "The Future's so Bright I've Got to Wear Shades?"  "Fifty thou a year will buy a lot of beer."  There was a degree of prosperity for professionals in the 80's and 90's that was striking.  I went to an engineering school.  The kids who got engineering degrees were invariably conservative, white males who didn't think much about anything other than engineering.  They made GOOD money even if they barely graduated.  Now I imagine many of them are losing their jobs to H-1Bs.  I suppose many have lost a lot in the market.  So why do they cling to reactionary republicanism?  Nostalgia?

I went to High School and College in this era:


I assuredly don't love the eighties.  An era of mediocrity in music, fashion, and thought.

I didn't like High School . . . no, I'm not one of those obsessive "hated High School" types . . . but, I can't remember a more mediocre bunch of people.  

And now 23 years later it makes more sense than ever . . . I don't belong to this generation . . . Generation Swine.  A narrow, reactionary, selfish group that still can't get over the Eighties.  Blech.

God forbid we elect someone from our generation President.  I'd rather skip to the Millenials!  You guys rock!

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