They have Fox News. Air America is great but we need more--alot more.

George Soros should attempt to buy either CNN or MSNBC and use it to counteract the 24/7 evil of Fox.

The Soros owned network would not have to be outrageously or overtly progressive,(although with Soros as the owner. . . ), but it would certainly give plenty of airtime to Al Franken, the progressive point of view, et al.

I think the media is so grossly responsible for this debacle, in their misguided effort to be "fair" whatever that is, they tipped everything to Bush.

I am so sick of Russert, Matthews, Blitzer and Co. They just let idiot morons spew garbage and rarely challenge what they say because they are all in bed together.

Originally posted to nyceve on Fri Nov 05, 2004 at 04:08 PM PST.

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