Gotta love this, since Obama told Americans that it was great time to buy stock on March 3, the stock market has gone up nearly 11 %!

Per the the Patriot Quill, if you had jumped in the market as Obama recommended at the beginning of the month, you'd be up 11 percent in over two weeks.

My weak math skills suggest that's an annualized return of nearly 250%!!!! Cramer wishes he could give that kind of investment advice!  This incredible surge in the stock market proves conclusively that the President's economic plan was exactly what the country was needing!! :-)

Of course WE know this is all silly, but since the talking (screaming) heads on TV seemed to view the market decline as complete indictment of Obama's presidency, it's only fair play to view this big uptick as "THE MARKET" having seen the light and wisdom of Obama's ways.

Originally posted to Denver Democrat on Thu Mar 19, 2009 at 12:32 PM PDT.

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