is anyone doing a liveblog for the howard dean DFA birthday party? If not, here's an opportunity to do so. I'm listening in. Hope you are too.

Here's the link.

And he's addressing Healthcare! Yeah. Go Gov. Dean!

Update: The obligatory thanks for the rec list update. Not the first, since I work with IGTNT. Still, it's good to hear this push for healthcare. We need it. We need it now. And thanks to Gov. Dean and the group at DFA for listening to the people.

Update 2: The call was mostly about healthcare. It's ovious Dr. Dean is making this his focus for the foreseeable future. Let's hope we get this done. Here's the link: standwithdrdean.com to sign the petition. Nothing much else got asked in the call, because it's just that serious of an issue.

Drop some comments and keep the live blog going, if it's worthwhile. if someone else is doing this, I'll delete.

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