I am sick and tired of seeing diaries on this site which dignify Gov. Rick Perry's & the Texas RepubliCon Legislative Caucus' supremely assholish - and incidentally, terrifically vague - right wing pandering vis a vis the state's sovereignty or hypothetical secession, by stupidly and reduckulously suggesting that the USofA should either "let Texas go," if not kick it out the Union.

Rick Perry and the other dead-ender pseudo-secessionists down in Texas - and I say pseudo-secessionists because at this point it's quite obvious they have no real intention of seceding - don't represent Texans en masse. They represent the asshole-fringe of the rad right.

This diary, and the "to hell with Texas" nonsense we keep seeing in general, is just bullshit. Jim Hightower is from Texas. Molly Ivins, may she rest in peace, was Texan. Gov. Ann Richards, a solid Democrat, was Texan. Sen. Lloyd Bentsen, a former Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate who scored one of the most memorable moments of the otherwise moribund Dukakis campaign, was Texan. I'm sure there's many more I'm forgetting.

Get this straight:

The lunatic fringe of the rad right isn't the real America. And as a corollary, it isn't even the real Texas. There are millions of good progressive Americans in Texas . . . literally. There are other decent Americans who happen to vote Republican who are Texan. Watch over the next year and half or so, while the latter crush Rick Perry in the Republican Gubernatorial Primary in 2010, and then watch while the former continue to build on past gains, to quite possibly take at least one house of the Texas legislature in the same year.

Get a clue. This "let Texas secede" horse shit has no more validity that Right Wingers' attempt to marginalize the great state of Vermont.  

The United States of America isn't the NHL, or the Arena Football League, where some states can be contracted due to financial difficulties or disagreements with the whole.

We don't let the far right define America as a whole.

Why the fuck would we let it define Texas?

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