I guess that we have to hand it to Sean Hannity.  Hannity has now reduced all of the right-wing/Republican philosophy so neatly that a 5 year-old would be able to understand it.  

On his Fixed News show yesterday, Hannity explains everything we needed to know about right-wing/Republican values so well, that now, gee, could it be that now I even get it.  And of course, he says that President Barrack Obama is just ruining everything.

Hannity’s show now has a feature, called the Liberty Tree.  The original Liberty Tree, according to the segment, had been a place where our founding fathers met to air out the grievances of the time.  The original tree had had been destroyed by a hurricane, and eventually replanted with a new tree.  

And lo and behold, Fixed News and Hannity have just added  a special meaning meaning of thier own to it.  I mean, good grief.  Really?  The second link below is the link to the original Hannity Liberty Tree segment, which is very bizarre and somewhat laughable.  

But it gets even better with Steven Colbert’s response to Hannity’s Liberty Tree segment.  Ready for a few good laughs.  Click on link and enjoy. (Sorry, couldn’t get the clips to embed)


And as mention above, below is the original Fixed News Hannity segment.  Notice the patriotic music and the part about "hanging two tax collectors from the Liberty Tree."


See, I told you it that ight-wing/Republicanism would be so easy to understand that a 5 year-old would get it.  

So this is just a short diary for some laughs.  We deserve it.  Enjoy.  

Originally posted to ardyess on Fri May 08, 2009 at 10:20 AM PDT.


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