Some bristle when words like racist are used here and I understand because I do too. But if you follow the history of Dick Cheney, there is one thing he has not shied away from, is his white supremacy tendencies. Anyone who can publicly denounce Powell, a cabinet officer in his own administration for racist like Limbaugh speaks volumes. Some may say Powell deserves what he get because he a chance to redeem himself but refused to do so. For Cheney Iraqis did not matter. He wanted them annihilated. Do you remember the "Shock and Awe" It was intended to maim as many Iraqis they could. Would he advocate "Shock and Awe" if we fighting Britain? The answer is no. Yes, the title Racist Dick Cheney fits. And if the shoe fits, Dick should wear it

This is one of many reasons

Chenny was one of four republicans that voted against Mandela

When Rep. Dick Cheney voted against a 1986 resolution calling for the release of Nelson Mandela and recognition of the African National Congress, Americans did know this man had been waiting decades for his freedom. In a larger sense, so had all black South Africans. The tenets of American democracy -- one man, one vote -- were denied to the majority of citizens, along with the most basic economic and educational needs.

Yet Republican vice presidential candidate Cheney still defends his vote, saying on ABC's ``This Week'' that ``the ANC was then viewed as a terrorist organization. . . . I don't have any problems at all with the vote I cast 20 years ago.'' What, then, does this tell us about what information Cheney considers before he takes a decision? And what the long-term consequences are likely to be, and on whom?

Pete Botha was a renowned racist and for Cheney to support him then speaks for itself.

In fact, while the United States maintained diplomatic ties with South Africa, former President P.W. Botha ordered the 1988 bombing of the South African Council of Churches in Johannesburg. Twenty-three people were injured. For decades, other government operatives did far worse, killing and maiming everyone from political activists to infants.

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