We interrupt the potentially bountiful sideshow of David Vitter getting primaried by a porn star (no, kids, "primaried" is not a euphemism for something else) for an important announcement.

According to an entry this morning on the blog over at the DSCC (and I just know that author's name looks familiar to me...), everyone's favorite naughty Southern Senator is about to have woman troubles of an entirely DIFFERENT kind.

Suzanne Haik Terrell, who came within an eyelash of defeating Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu in 2002, declared an interest in the Senate race last week to New Orleans political writer Jeff Crouere.

Haik Terrell is a proven vote getter in Republican primaries. In 2002, she managed to defeat two very legitimate Republicans: then-Congressman John Cooksey and Tony Perkins (who moved on to the Family Research Council). She also vanquished another big Louisiana GOP name (Woody Jenkins) in a statewide election in 2000. In an interesting Louisiana quirk, it was the general election: Louisiana state law allows for the top two candidates, regardless of party, to run in the general election. She defeated Jenkins by double digits in her bid to become the state Commissioner of Elections.

Haik Terrell, and other state Republicans, are apparently ticked off by something other than Vitter's past moral indiscretions (although that seems to be the crux of adult actress Stormy Daniels' rationale for running for the seat).

It seems that they are not thrilled by Vitter's rather ham-handed decision to place a hold on the nomination of former Florida official Craig Fugate to head FEMA. Apparently, Vitter had some issues with FEMA he wanted resolved first. It is certainly open for debate, of course, if stalling the nomination of the nation's emergency management chief is the brightest way of raising these issues.

Crouere does point out, however, that Vitter's past could come back to haunt him if a Republican woman steps into the primary:

Women compose a majority of the Republican voters in Louisiana, and Terrell might be seen as a more palatable candidate than Vitter. While Vitter’s wife forgave him for his escapades with the D.C. Madam call girl ring, Republican women throughout the state might not be so forgiving.

Democrats are still hunting for a candidate, but given the fact that it is looking increasingly likely that Senator Vitter will be knocked around pretty hard in a primary, expect a high-profile Democrat to jump into the race. For what it is worth, Crouere names three potential Democrats: former Congressman Chris John, Shaw Group CEO/Chairman Jim Bernhard (a potential self-financer), and Congressman Charlie Melancon (whose chances of entering is probably a bit more remote).

Oh...and for those who were growing steadily depressed throughout this piece that a Haik Terrell candidacy might deny us our girl, fear not: The Daily Kingfish is reporting that Stormy Daniels has formed an exploratory committee.


A committee.


Stormy Daniels.

Well...I'd expect Democratic Luntz will have a comment for you shortly. Seeing how I am a happily married man, I am going to avoid the avalanche of easy snark and make a run for the hills.

UPDATE: And then there was one female still considering a Vitter challenge. Politico is reporting that Suzanne Haik Terrell has backed down, and made a statement today emphasizing party unity. Oh, well...we've still got Stormy.

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