• Why does McAllen, Texas, spend the second-most per person on health care in the United States?
  • In case you were wondering what questions Sonia Sotomayor will have to answer before her confirmation hearings start.
  • By now, we've all heard a lot about Sotomayor's ruling in New Haven affirmative action case Ricci vs. DeStefano. And we're probably gonna hear a lot more from the likes of Rush and Newt. Over at Obsidian Wings, Hilzoy does something pretty novel: Actually reads the case.
  • Ta-Nehisi Coates takes on a claim that, in the 20th century, blacks and Latinos "could be as violently distrustful of each other as blacks and whites were." The response:

    I have not known Latinos in the 20th Century to perpetrate a Red Summer. I have not known blacks to lynch Latino veterans, returning from war, in their uniforms. The fact is that there was no violent distrust between blacks and whites in the 20th century. Rather there was a one-sided war waged against black people by white terrorists, which government, in the best cases, failed to prevent, in many cases, stood idly by, and in the worst cases actually aided and abetted. I'm sorry but comparing that to whatever's happening between blacks and Latinos, is a slander against both those groups, and an amazingly naive take on the history of white America in regards to race.

  • Here's a headline for you: Teachers start hunger strike to protest layoffs.
  • In the fine tradition of Brock Olivo, a potential Republican candidate for Senate in Arkansas has a hilariously craptacular website. Check out his blank issues page on your way to joining his prayer team.
  • Cheerful news for the northeast:

    Scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, in Boulder, Colo., are now adding to the complexity with a new prediction. If the melting of Greenland’s ice sheets continues to accelerate, they say, sea levels will rise even more in the northeastern United States and Maritime Canada than in other areas around the world.

  • Adam B's seventh annual National Spelling Bee group live-blog resumes at 8pm EDT.  Eleven spellers remain.
  • Yesterday, mcjoan urged Mark Krikorian not to give in on his insistence that "Sotomayor" is an unnatural pronunciation in English. Lucky us. Krikorian didn't give in. When you're in a hole, etc etc...
  • Barbara Boxer and Al Franken are fundraising together. Cool.

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