Minnesota Public Radio is reporting that Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty will be holding a press conference this afternoon to discuss his future plans.  Sources are quoted indicating that Pawlenty will not be seeking a third term.

Here is the link.


I have not quoted from the article since it is very brief, any any substantive quote would encompass much of the content.

This possibly impacts the upcoming redistricting in Minnesota.  Though the most recent analyses I have seen indicate that Minnesota will not lose a Congressional District, the state is on the bubble and could still do so.

I cannot think of any Republican who stands out as a potential successor to Pawlenty.  Norm Coleman, perhaps, once his Senate career is official finished off by the Minnesota Supreme Court?  

I will say this - never underestimate the ability of the DFL to botch a gubernatorial election.  They've lost 5 in a row, even coming in 3rd place in one election (1998, behind Norm Coleman and Jesse Ventura).

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