That's the headline in the Wausau Daily Herald today. A former spokesman for the Republican Party of Marathon County claims he was ousted from his position because he dared to criticize drug-addled comedian Rush Limbaugh.

Kevin Stevenson said he believes his March guest column in the Wausau Daily Herald criticizing Limbaugh turned local party members against him.

"They felt I was too moderate in what I was speaking and printing," he said.

There are conflicting explanations from the current treasurer and past president of the county Republicans, Kevin Hermening. According to the the newspaper, Hermening stated:

"If the leadership had wanted a more moderate position, we would have let him (continue)."

That sounds like Stevenson was kicked out for criticizing Limbaugh, but on Wisconsin Public Radio, Hermening implied that Stevenson was thrown out because he didn't live in Marathon County, an excuse also mentioned in the article.

The funniest part of this melodrama is Hermening's statement on the radio that his party didn't need to modify positions or distance itself from Limbaugh "just to make us (supposedly) more popular."

Whatever, dude. The last thing a political party needs is popularity, right?

Note: the Wisconsin Public Radio online archives don't have the news feature that played today, but if anyone can find it, please post a link in the comments.

Originally posted to Giles Goat Boy on Tue Jun 02, 2009 at 07:16 PM PDT.

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