This is my first dairy on DK so please forgive me if form, style and language are not quite up to par.

I woke up this morning and read the speech our president Barack Obama gave in Cairo. I was immediately overwhelmed with feelings that I couldn't explain or put into words so I spent my day trying to come up with a way to formulate what happend this morning.

Early last year, I saw this man speak on TV. It was after the New Hampshire primary he lost. This speech touched me and inspired me. Weeks later, I put my cynicism aside, my fear, my inhibitions and walked into his campaign office down the street offering to help. I remained a volunteer until election day and beyond. Why? Because he has a quality that touches not only me, but millions: truth, compassion and vision.

We always wanted equality, justice and peace- and yet politician after politician told us it was a pipedream, we had to 'fear them' or that we were 'dreamers'. We always knew it wouldn't be easy, it would take alot of work (and it's only begun) and it would take many of us to achieve it, but we grew cynical, tired, sad and turned off. Barack Obama has the common sense, the inner humanity and the decency we looked for, the world needs and we all know was necessary.

I watched him today with great joy and with humble gratitude. The humble gratitude to that voice within me, possibly my soul, that recognized the greatness of Barack Obama and made me work countless hours to get him elected. That voice, that soul, that was moving millions like me, that made us sisters and brothers.

We left our differences aside and united. My hope is that we will continue and with this president as a leader, I'm certain that people all over the world are ready and happy to join hands with us to build a better world for the next generations.

So, while he holds the most powerful position in the world, he is only a catalyst. A catalyst, a transformative person, who serves as an example and inspiration to all of us, to seek the common humanity, common sense and pursue respect and dignity for all mankind.

Thank you!

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