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While Obama's trying to find common ground in the middle east I saw a
disgusting video online.  

Max Blumenthal been reporting on various topics in and around Isreal.

From Max Blumenthal on http://www.philipweiss.org/

On Wednesday, I walked around central Jerusalem with my friend, Joseph Dana, an Israel peace activist who has lived in the country for three years. We interviewed young people on camera about the speech President Barack Obama planned to deliver to the Muslim world the following day in Cairo. Though our questions were not provocative at all – we simply asked, "What do you think of Obama’s speech" – the responses our interview subjects offered comprised some of the most shocking comments I have ever recorded on camera.

Max caught heat for this video so a friend of mine did a little remix to help bury the hate.

So far no one is making it a big deal but drunk or not, no one is talking about some of the real problems of hate that underlie these kids feelings.

Maybe be its an isolated drunken incident or maybe not?  

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