Thanks to Meteor Blades (h/t Seneca Doane amongst others) we now have auto tip jars at Daily Kos.

What? Now we can't have snazzy tip jars like buhdydharma's random pix or Crashing Vor's orange cone?


If you don't know how to post a comment in your diary before you publish it, join me below the fold...

Thanks to Seneca's diary today, we have conclusive evidence that a first comment (titled "Tip Jar") is added only when the diary is published with zero comments.

To add a snazzy tip jar follow these easy instructions (posted in the earlier FP diary here):

      1. Imagine posting a comment in any other diary.

      2. Simply do that with your draft diary in preview.

Still too complicated? OK. Pretty pictures forthcoming....

  1. Click the "Preview Diary" button
  1. Click the THE SECOND "Post Comment" button just as you would when starting a new thread in any diary (as opposed to "Reply to This" for earlier comments). Don't worry that the words are not as dark as they normally are. The link still works just peachy; I promise.


  1. Type your comment, preview and post it.

N.B.: Be sure you are fairly happy with your draft first. Then, only the dreaded HTML errors can prevent your TJ from expiring before its time.

Update (7:15 PM PDT):
Title edited to address the "Why should we care" crowd. Frankly this is a fairly silly & trivial issue, but some of us give a damn, I guess. The real story here is that we will now have fewer trolls around here. Or at least higher-grade trolls anyway.

Originally posted to The Laughing Planet on Sun Jun 07, 2009 at 04:16 PM PDT.

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