Well, you have to say it: that was a pretty impressive performance:

FINAL Update: 11:40 PM ET
Democratic Primary For Governor (99.8% of Precincts Reporting)

Creigh Deeds 159,324 (49.7%)
Terry McAuliffe 84,640 (26.4%)
Brian Moran 76,405 (23.8%)

Update: 8:11 PM ET
Democratic Primary For Governor (70% of Precincts Reporting)

Creigh Deeds 101,278 (50%)
Terry McAuliffe 53,117 (26%)
Brian Moran 48,632 (24%)

What is most remarkable about Deeds' performance this evening is that he took the supposed strongholds away from his opponents. In the heavily African-American 3rd district, McAuliffe was up by less than a point at the top of the hour (obviously, numbers might have shifted since then). At the same time, he was holding Brian Moran to a tie in the 8th district, represented by Moran's brother.

Furthermore, where we expected Deeds to do well, he was a hammer. Over 70% in the Charlottesville-based 5th district. Huge numbers in NoVa, as well, where he easily won in both the 10th and 11th districts.

Jody Wagner also won the primary for Lt. Governor, meaning that the field is full for November.

Congratulations to state Senator Deeds on a well-earned and most impressive victory.

Update by Laura Clawson: Grinning irrepressibly as always, Terry McAuliffe is conceding, with strongly positive words about both Moran and Deeds. He also speaks highly of the value of competitive primaries for party-building. Most of all, though, making the case against McDonnell as a step back.

Late Update by Steve Singiser: It appears that the final turnout numbers will come in around 325,000 voters. While far better than the 2006 Webb-Miller primary, it is still a mere 6.5% of active voters.

Finally: one incredible measure of Deeds' victory tonight--he wound up sweeping 10 of the 11 Congressional Districts, including Jim Moran's 8th district, where he edged Brian Moran by three points. His only defeat was in the African-American dominated 3rd district, where he lost to T-Mac by a little over a point.

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