In case you haven't been trying to keep up with it, the fact is that Marcy Wheeler at
has gone turbo. She's always been great. Her work has almost always been hot. But she is glowing.

Did you know the fundraising effort to help her dedicate herself full-time to blogging broke 100K?
If not, you've missed one of the most important events happening in the progressive blogosphere.
The reason this matters is because her posts are just sooo good.

Only a few more than 1,500 people put her to 100K but 150K is the goal. I know that's real money.
It may be hard for a lot of people here to be OK with the 150K goal conceptually.
I want to address that but the first main observation is that she is busting out A++ efforts to justify it.
America, this is one place you can get great value for anything you are willing to donate.
And in my opinion, her work product is crucial to improving President Obama's work product because he needs us to be us and provide the right kind of progressive pressure on the shameful mess he inherited and the shameful pressures being applied to him now.

My caveat: I haven't been able to give her ANY money. None, nip, nada.
Please be all that I can't be. Somewhere early in the Franken recount I lost my ability to pay for food and I've lost 35 pounds since then.
I'm a dad with a hungry teen in the house and things suck, but the struggle will hopefully let up and I genuinely hope it lets up before the emtpywheel thermometer hits 150K because I want to look at it and know my $$'s are in there.

So what do I want YOU to do. First off, figure a way to write regular diaries reminding people to donate to her fund.
This is important. This is like when people bought their first copies of "What Would A Patriot Do?"
She's gone turbo and for the fate of our country and our progressive movement she needs us to have her back and that includes GETTING HER PAIDDD!

I'm hoping some commenters here can cite favorite attributes of her recent work. It's outstanding, isn't it? Like "this could change history" outstanding. Like she's on her way to outdoing when her Libby trial work won national attention and made all bloggers look good.

If you CAN donate anything, please do. I wish I could, but I'm at the point where any expense that isn't crucial to my keeping my job seems optional. Now if I'm not thinking "Oh 150K, that's a lot of money, and look how much has already been raised" and I'M NOT, then you can at least not let that low six-figure sum trip you out. She is demonstrating day by day right now that she is prepared to provide great value for every cent.

OK, this has been embarrassing but I hope not bogus. There's certainly no in-depth fan substance here. See for yourself, she's going close to light-speed on some of this stuff. For those of us who hate American torture and government lies, we need to help get her over the top soon. Don't let her languish at barely over $100K. This needs to get done. Please write diaries of your own to help make it happen.

Yours sincerely,

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