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The crazy was flying fast and furious online (Nazis are liberals! The pro-choice crowd FORCES us to kill doctors!), but my email inbox was a bit quiet. This week's haul was of this variety:

this is the most despicable site on the internet. a port for a bunch
of tree-hugging, nigger-loving infidels.


I stumbled upon your website, and I now know where the find all the morons! Apparently they are important to winning elections (because there are so many of them).

Truth always wins over deception. Intelligence always beats ignorance. Thanks for inspiring us.

And by 'us' it means 2010 you lost.

And... Actually, that was it. Seriously. Sure, I'm still getting Keith Olbermann's hate mail for some reason (and some of his fan mail as well), but the wingnuts simply weren't motivated enough to send their invective my way. Snif. And no, I can't use the stuff directed at Olbermann, because it's even lamer than the stuff I got.

So today, we dig into the vault, randomly picking out some choice 2008 emails..

If you had been born elsewhere...I wonder Markos

Have you ever wondered what you'd be like if you were born in a another family? What if you were born in a well-off Republican family that demanded excellence as a human being? Would it be so easy to criticize

Poor Republican families don't demand excellence? Apparently, only children of privilege, with their legacy advantages, are worth shit. Like, for example, the Bush family. That George fellow turned out most excellent.

You nedd to be arrested and thrown in jail.And you will be my friend, as soon as we take over amerika and install SHARIA LAW upon this perverted land.YOU MUST CONVERT TO ISLAM OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENSES.All jew zionists,perverted homosexuals,and Infidels will have their throats cut and their heads cut off.All women must be put in burkas,all girls must be given clitorectomies.Prepare for the coming CALIPHATE.CONVERT TO ISLAM AND BECOME PART OF THE UMA.YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. ALLAH AKBAR !!!!!!

Conservatives really can't pull off irony.

How dare you violate my right of free speech? With all the profanity on your site you find it necessary to censor me. The vulgar coments about Bush are ok but my criticisms of Conyers and Rosa Parks are deleted? Parks was convicted and did have a criminal record that is a fact! That weenie from colorado complains and you arbitrarily decide to censor me and prevent my posts. I am a registered DEM. But just because I don't subscribe to the leftist views of your radical left posters I've been censored. You claim you support FREE SPEECH what a joke. Restore my right to post as there is many more vile expessions on this site. I will download them and forward them to free spech advocates we will subpeona my posts and compare them, then we will expose you for the hypocrisy that you endorse. I've been in FEDERAL COURT before in Newark NJ with civil rights violation complaint and have been victorious. I will be against you, thanks for defining the double standard of your site. SUNTAN

I never did get that subpoena.

I will be sueing dailykos for taking away my right to free speech, and allowing everyone else to ridicule me and cuss me out on the diary I posted.  also for deleting every comment I posted despite the lack of profanity and hate that you people prescribe to on a regular basis.

I never did receive that lawsuit.

Fuck you and your website

Your users are out of control, and I will make the world known about it.  I hope you're willing to reign them in finally, now that it's too late and your so-called democratic blog is about to be exposed for the totalitarian hellhole it is.

I don't think the world much cared what this guy thought.

Dear Sirs:
As amusing as this website is sometimes, your rampant leftist views occasionally do become nauseating.  The utter lack of thought and reason that you post here on a daily basis is exactly why rational people should be wary of information presented on the internet from people of a liberal outlook.  In the spirit of "Know thy enemy", keep up the work.  You make things a lot easier when it comes to cast a ballot.  Praise the Lord, and pass the intellectual ammunition.
All the best,

Dear RTP, I'm happy to offer any intellectual ammunition you might need. In return, can you guys stop using the leaded stuff on people? Hugs and kisses, kos.

fuck obama he just a fucking nigger and you guys are nigger lovers im black i know fuck this site

Yeah ... moving on:

your site is vicious facious relentless and hateful.  you are abusing your first amendment right by attacking those in whom dont agree with you. FUCK YOU!!! your site gives a distorted view of the country for your own political agenda. you make reverend wright look like ghandi, clean up your acts douchebags. RUMSFELD!!!!

Every time I start making inroads into figuring out how the conservative mind works, something like this pops up. It starts off as a pretty run-of-the-mill winger mail, nothing too interesting or exciting, then -- BAM! -- the Rumsfeld thing. Still trying to figure out what the hell that even means.

Dailykos and moveon.org are nothing more than hate bloggers who are totally un-american.  The venom by both of you only brings on more hate.

Liberals hate republicans for one reason or another.  The DNC chairman said this after he took office.

I do not understand how ameirca could foster such hate among liberals.  It only shows our enemies how stupid we are in politics.

I do not care if you do not post this but only to read how much damage you do to our country and its leaders.

What all of you need to do is take an IQ test to see if it can pass the number 10

So much irony, so little time...

Personally, I sincerely believe that this site should shut down and all contributors should give up their American Citizenship (if in fact they are citizens!) and move to some foreign country!
I am NOT alone in this belief...  there are millions of patriots who stand beside me.

Funny how this millions of patriots are now desperately trying to figure out how to secede from this country.

I hope Obama wins this year;    I'm going to vote for him much the same way Republicans voted for Hillary.   I figure after 8 years of the new
' Pied Piper ' the people will be ready for an
Adolf Hitler,  at which point I'll apply for a
job at an extermination camp for Liberals.   Got
a lot of ideas I want to try out.

But I thought Hitler was a liberal?

all you daily kos liberals, you are all hypocrites!!! you glorify people like castro who is a murder, stalin who was a murderer, mao who was a murderer, Hitler who was a murder.What do all these leaders have in common? All of them were communist. Oh yes even hitler who controled the nationalist socialist party. In fact communism has killed over 100,000,000 people in the 20th century. Bill clinton started a war in kosivo and you did not complain. You have so much hate for bush that you will allow. You call bush a war monger but lets look at history. world war II, korean war, and vietnam was started by democrates

Okay, fess up -- who was it that glorified Stalin?

Bill O'Reilly is right.  Actually, he understates this site.  I didn't realize how bad this site was until I checked it out for myself.  Oh my GOD!!!!  What kind of nut jobs subscribe to this site?  I just hope that normal, ignorant people don't read any articles on this site and actually believe this site contains even .00001% correct or honest.

Good news dude -- ignorant people most certainly don't read the site. Your guy has the market cornered on that demographic.

I signed up but I CANNOT post for 24 hours? FUCK YOU COMMUNIST PIGS!!! Daily KOSCOMMIES hate free speech!!! Daily KOSCOMMIES hate America and our freedom!!! DAILY KOSCOMMIES want no borders and want to rape our country blind!!

Explain this daily KOSCOMMIES: If "global warming" is such a threat, then why are YOU promoting massive overpopulation of our country? I will never get an answer from you phoney communist pigs. I dare you to respond. You never will. FUCK YOU.

Yeah, there's a reason we have a waiting period before commenting.

All I can say is that this site is an embarrassment to this nation .  It's great that Liberals believe in abortion because they will eventually abort themselves out of existence.  Thank GOD !

I don't think this dude's brilliant plan is working out quite so well...

Enjoy your attempt to destroy America... America will not fall to your socialist and marxist dream.  In fact, you and your fellow libs will be destroyed in the end.  Those are God's plans, not mine.

WHY do you peope hate the Great country of the UNITED STATES. It will coma back to haunt you
GOD is watching.

I wish god would let me take a peek at his plans.

Liberalism is the reason why America has a so-called negative image around the world.  For some crazy reason, Liberals believe America is an evil, imperialistic nation- the cause of all the problems in the world.  Their personal self-hatred of their own country has leaked over into the mainstream media and in politics.  The character assassination of President Bush by Liberal politicians and the Liberal media is the real reason why the American image has been tainted, not mistakes of Mr. Bush.  Their verbal display of hatred towards Bush only resulted in people around the world developing an unfavorable view of America. How will the Liberal media treat President Obama?  Will they accuse Mr. Obama of being an incompetent liar if he sends the military into war over intelligent that turns out to be inaccurate? Will they call Barak H. Obama an incompetent racist if a hurricane strikes the predominately White community Portland, Maine and kills 1,000 Americans?

Come on, give the dude a round of applause. That was some brilliant winger logic. Some of the best I've seen.

All people at teh anti-Americam Daily kos should drop DEAD

Is there anything more awesome than an actual, non-ironic, non-intentional use of the word "teh"? It actually exists in the wild!

That'll do it for today. Hopefully the wingers give us some good material to work with for next week. Some of these oldies are still goodies, but there's nothing better than fresh wingnut email for our new Saturday tradition.

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