New Pew poll just released shows Pres Obama approval at 61% despite claims that "the Honeymoon is Over"

A solid majority of Americans (61%) continue to approve of Barack Obama’s job performance, although they express mixed views of several of his policies. An important positive sign for Obama is the public’s continued optimism that his policies will improve the economy – fully 65% express this view.


On Health care, public opinion about the issue has changed since Clinton.

There continues to be widespread support for changing the health care system so that all Americans have insurance that covers all medically necessary care: 75% favor this currently, while 21% are opposed. However, the percentage favoring this proposal is down from 83% in April 1993. Similarly, while a large majority (61%) believes it is very important to limit annual increases in health care costs, fewer say that now than did so 16 years ago (69%).

Bailing out GM has hurt Obama on the economy

The slippage in the president’s economic ratings appears unrelated to the public’s assessments of his administration’s impact on current economic conditions – most (53%) say his policies have "not had an effect so far" or that it is too early to tell. Instead, it may have more to do with his relatively poor ratings for handling the problems of troubled automakers General Motors and Chrysler.

Despite this, Americans continue to be optimistic about his policies

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A STFU to Cheney and CO

only about one-in-five Americans (21%) say that the United States is less safe from terrorism under the Obama administration than it was under the Bush administration. More than four-in-ten (44%) say Obama’s policies have not made a difference, while 28% believe they have made the nation safer from terrorism.

American love their president and the first lady rocks

Obama continues to draw higher personal ratings than job approval ratings. And if anything, Michelle Obama is even more popular than her husband. More than seven-in-ten Americans (72%) say they have a favorable impression of Barack Obama, while 25% have an unfavorable opinion, virtually unchanged from April.
Michelle Obama’s personal image also changed little: 76% have a favorable view of the first lady, while 14% have an unfavorable impression.

I hope dems in congress are paying attention to this polls, they have the mandate and support for major reforms on health care.
It's time for bold action, the president will not be popular forever now is the time to act.

Pls Call your Senators NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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