The Supreme Court found in favor of the nutcase haters from the Westboro Baptist Church and its fundamentalist (and fundamentally unhinged) founder, Fred Phelps.  This is a difficult post to write, but we that love the First Amendment must honor this proper decision.

These folks are, in my opinion, fundamentally hatred filled and also love the spotlight.  But, as much as it grieves me, they have their right to spew their toxic bile.

Look, many right wingers consider the members of these communities to "spill toxic bile", and I would appreciate it if the Supreme COurt would come through for us.  I believe that we are a bit more reserved, but, in some flame war in which I have been involved, am not completely convinced.

The bottom line is that this group, like any group, has the right to state their piece.  I abhor their piece, but if they can not state theirs, how far is yours, mine, or anyone's protected?

I do not remember the Patriot who said it, am sure that someone here will, but the gist of the quote was, "Sir, I disagree with your words.  But I will defend to my the death your right to state them."

That is what we have here.  As I said, I abhor the Phelps' message, but I reluctantly agree with their right to deliver it.  If not, then what?

I am sure that I will get lots of hide ratings for this, but I am a strong supporter for free speech.  If I get hidden, it is for a noble cause.  Once again, I abhor their message, and believe that folks who oppose them are equally within our rights to shout them down, hard.  I just feel very badly for the families of the ones being buried to have to listen to their evil nonsense.  But freedom of expression is pretty much a one way street.  One can not favor one expression over another without the whole thing becoming a political tool for whomever is in power.

I would be interested in comments.

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