Hello Everyone. It's been a momentous week. We had a murder/hate crime in our military, allegedly by a fellow enlisted person. We had a Stonewall style raid in Fort Worth, with a gay man's brains beat in by police officers. We had a meet and greet at the White House celebrating 40 years of civil rights struggles. The worlds largest democracy made consensual sexual relations between same sex couples legal. And we had another Arab linguist discharged from the army for being truthful about his sexuality.

  We also had numerous diaries on DailyKos discussing these topics, in some instances, many diaries on the same news item. Back in the early days of DailyKos, if someone wrote a diary that had already been reported, they would have been immediately jumped on by numerous folks imploring them to delete the redundant post. That's no longer the case, and justifiably so since diaries fly off the 'recent diary list' since the website exploded with 150,000 - 200,000 members. A diary entered in the morning east coast time is usually off the recent diary list well before Andy gets out of bed in Mt. time not to mention Ed on the left coast. Which was the main reason we shifted our WGLB publish time to later in the morning, to try to catch the attention of some of the west coast members...

  With all the current news items being reported now as they unfold, that aspect of WGLB seems now very much redundant. So we need to discuss where we go from here as far as what to diary. The occasional meta diary like KKats outstanding effort last week is great, but we will soon run out of topics to get folks fired up about. The weekly summary of GLBT diaries even seems more than a bit redundant, at least to me. I had suggested we start a series biographies of GLBT individuals and organizations, to promote individuals to leadership roles in our community, since loud respected voices seem to be in short supply.

  So what do you think? Where should we go with this series? I will be handing the reins over to KKat and Othniel for the summer with todays diary, and it would be appresiated if we could get some folks committed to writing diaries for us, firm commitments, to make their lives a bit easier.

  The floor is open. Have at it. And Happy 4th. Hope Everyone else has better weather for the festivities than we do here in Massachusetts.

Originally posted to GLBT and Friends at Daily Kos on Fri Jul 03, 2009 at 08:34 AM PDT.

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