On Monday afternoon, I wrote about Peter King (NY-03) and his disparaging comments regarding the King of Pop. I received a mixed bag of responses although I think some missed my point that King was simply out of line in how far he went. I knew a little about King, but over the past few hours have been digging up some of his past remarks. This guy is much scarier than I though and here's one example from 2007

(below the thread much more - this guy is not a one hit wonder)

Here's more from Peter King's greatest hits

  1. Requiring those of Middle Eastern and South Asian descent to undergo additional security checks Of course this ethnic profiling was dismissed as law enforcement tool by people that were considered by King to be leading counter-terrorism officials. Including a childhood friend.  
  1. "Jokingly" called the NAACP and AARP radical organizations. I will let you judge whether or not this was purely in jest. I think they have to be considered in the context of some of these other remarks.
  1. apparently called the police on some of his constituents who were disagreeing on his stance against the War in Iraq.
  1. Calls for tighter border control and anti-immigration stances except when it involves  former IRA terrorists. King has since ended his association with the IRA although there is plenty of evidence of his support of their terrorist tactics over the years.


So I'm afraid that his diatribe on MJ is not an isolated event. We've followed suit and added the NY-03 Dem nominee fund to our Progressive Electorate 2010 page. King deserves a formidable challenge in 2010.

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