It's the logical step for little Miss Sarah!

Yep, Evita Palin.  Or Sarah Peron, if you prefer.  Personally, Evita Palin for me.  And it is Evita in its worst meaning.  The beautiful tragic figure.  I have seen this coming since shortly after McCain introduced her to the world, and Rich Lowry sat up straighter in his chair at the sight of her wink.  All the 'boys' out there proclaiming their love at being swept off their feet by this mother, wife, governor, independent spirit, ad nauseum.

Using her family for blatant political gain and publicity, then screaming about others talking about her family.  Demanding this, demanding that, demanding the other.  Everything going one way: Sarah's way.  If not, it was because of those people, the ones who were not "real Americans."  

I have been waiting for someone in the MSM and alternate media to finally bust this bimbo for the sociopath that she is.  But given the number of sociopaths currently in the republican party and otherwise, I should not be surprised that it hasn't happened..  

Evita Palin will step out to lead a new political party, and it will not be a pleasant party to watch.  Driven by hate, rage, aggression.  Driven by white privilege, accepting "others" only so long as they behave and tow the line.  "Yeah, he knows his place, he's a good (derogatory name)."

Many current republicans will join with her, as will many independents and even a number of democrats.  It will be an interesting assembly.  

After this, no more Sarah Palin for me.  She has always made me sick.

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