Teaching Politics in the Classroom: Math and Fahrenheit 9/11

Using mathematics to examine some of the issues raised in Fahrenheit 9/11 can help students gain important insights about our society. With math, students can gain insights, ask questions, and express ideas in ways they might not be able to do with traditional reading and writing assignments.

This lesson addresses three topics: the vote in the 2000 Presidential election, the cost of the war in Iraq, and soldiers' pay versus pay for private contractors.

At his website, Michael Moore encourages teachers to design lessons based on the film, "Farenheit 9/11."

For our discussion group I think it would be great if we came up with ideas, situations or contexts where we can develop lessons with a political theme, and include them in Moore's collection.

Let's put up a thread with an idea, and once the originator has enough feedback and is satisfied with the final result, they can send it and we can end that thread.

Let's do it!

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