Sometimes people appear on DKos with different ideas and party affiliations than the majority. So I thought it might be an interesting exercise to see what party affiliation most people fall under.

Personally, I feel that having an open dialogue between different groups is the best way to develop ideas. It allows modification of any unsound position or premise. Further, it helps improve your ability to market ideas to other people who may not agree with you.

So take a bold step and take the poll. Not too hard. Feel free to comment about why you hold your party affiliation or inquire behind the platform or viability of other parties.

Included Parties:

Democratic Party: One of America's two mainstream parties. It features a coalition of centrists, progressives, and conservatives. Commonly advocates a social safety net, healthcare reform, environmental legislation,civil liberties and a humanitarian foreign policy.

Republican Party: One of America's two mainstream parties. Features coalition of centrists, fiscal conservatives, libertarians, and social conservatives. Commonly advocates a limited government, cutting spending and taxation, defense of traditional family, and an interventionist foreign policy. However, there are conflicting trends at work here between factions.

Libertarian Party: One of the "Big 3" minor parties. Features a coalition of "minarchists" advocating a limited government and "anarcho-capitalists" arguing for the elimination of the state altogether. Opposes growth of government in most spheres. Advocates for primacy of the individual and the free market, civil liberties, cuts in spending and taxation, and elimination of both bureaucracy and the social safety net.

Green Party: One of the "Big 3" minor parties. Features progressives and environmentalists alongside some socialists. The party specifically endorses reforming capitalism rather than a socialist system. It also advocates for populist democracy, a noninterventionist and humanitarian foreign policy, environmental legislation, and a social safety net.

Constitution Party: One of the "Big 3" minor parties. A conservative party advocating a religious foundation of law and supremacy of the Constitution. Members are often social and fiscal conservatives. This creates a conflicting trend in a conflict between those who would "legislate morality" and those advocating for stronger civil liberties, particularly on social issues. Federalism is often advocated as a solution to this conflict. Policies include noninterventionist foreign policy, cuts in spending and taxation, and federalism.

Peace & Freedom Party: A smaller party with a form of national structure. It was created by supporters of Ralph Nader and Socialists. Unlike the Greens, this party often advocates for socialism. While it is smaller than many of the above, it has particular growth in certain areas of the country like California.

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What is your party affiliation

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