On the 40th anniversary of the Moon Landing we must turn from the past and face the future.

It's time to go to Mars.

To go to Mars has been the stuff of the dreamers since Apollo's triumph.  Many proposals have been made by many people but the challenges (as in money) are considerable.

I say that this is the time for a call to go to Mars.  Not just an American-only venture but as truly international one.  By 2030, there should be a blue and white United Nations flag planted on the Martian surface.

To Mars, and beyond: 40 years after his historic moonwalk, Buzz Aldrin says it's time to forge a new


President Obama should go to the United Nations and echo President Kennedy's call to go to the Moon.

Under the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, the space agencies of the world should pool their resources for a combined effort to reach the Red Planet.

International cooperation is essential for the future exploration of Mars, according to leading scientists meeting at a special workshop at UNISPACE III, in Vienna.


Putting humans on Mars is a lofty goal, and without a major increase in financial backing, it is improbable that it will occur before the 2030s.

In order to not fall short of this goal, Scott Hubbard, the former director of NASA Ames Research Center and of the Mars Program, says that he is pleading with the next administration to revisit the requirements to see if international collaboration is a possibility.


Let us unite the world in a peaceful endeavor that will inspire would-be scientists, engineers and mathematicians from Iowa to India, from Colorado to China, from Rhode Island to Russia.  

Apollo was not a waste of money and it spurred the imaginations of the whole world.  Let's do it again!

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