The militarization of police forces has been steamrolling ahead ever since the introduction of SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) teams in the 1970s.  These paramilitary shock troops were sold to the public as agents of last resort in case there was an extraordinary hostage situation.  Today, SWAT teams are sent in for everything from domestic disturbances to suspicion of drug possession, and the general public has been desensitized to the idea of fascist Stasi police strike forces entering homes, harassing and killing American citizens being an everyday sight.

The 9/11 events only served to put the drive toward fully militarized police on steroids, and now we have police shock troops invading every aspect of American life and property – all under the guise of "Homeland Security."  To support the fascist police drive, ordinary citizens like cable installers and truckers have been told to become Stasi cells – spying on Americans in their homes and on their roads.

Now we have the latest last straw in the American Police State.  Fascist police unions are now ordering the President of the United States to apologize - APOLOGIZE! – for daring to call the harassment and arrest of professor Henry Louis Gates by police thugs as exactly what it was:  stupid. (It was actually quite a bit more than just "stupid", but Obama was, as usual, being kind.)

This is a fascist police gang coup attempt to bully and threaten America’s first African-American President, and it must not stand.  Today the fascist police thugs are ordering a U.S. President to bow to them; tomorrow they will be throwing him out of the White House and declaring martial law.

It up to all of us, as Americans and as the owners of this country, to support President Obama and stand up to the fascist police and their union gangs.  America is NOT a police state, and never will be.

Originally posted to jeihesser on Fri Jul 24, 2009 at 02:01 PM PDT.

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