On the heels of Kos' remarkable poll showing that in the Southen States, the GOP has devolved into an outgrowth of the birther movement, I have came across this announcement indicating that "Internet powerhouse" Andy Martin, a notorious birther -- he calls himself the "Godfather" of birthers -- is now running for Senate in Illinois in 2010.

(By the way, what is an "Internet Powerhouse"? Where do I apply for the title? Does it come with any freebies?)

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Now, most of us have often felt that what best encapsulated our reaction to the birther movement was that classic "no points" scene from Billy Madison.

But that would be short-sighted.

The birther movement is actually accomplishing what we, liberals, have failed to achieve in 8 years: make Republicans look like a bunch of know-nothing, delusional, paranoid, eat-your-own, freakish, racist nutcases.

The birthers' unwavering commitment to their lunatic obsession despite the Everest of contradictory facts thrown in their faces every day is succeeding in cleansing the GOP of its remaining moderates and rational people.

And now that they are primed to replace half-decent Republican candidates with their own pod people, we can all look forward to the complete disintegration of the GOP through 2010.

It almost makes you wonder if the birthers are not, after all, true patriots.

If this was a TWILIGHT ZONE episode, I swear the last few seconds would reveal the Grand Poobah of the birther movement to be... Obama himself.

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