With apologies to MacBeth, Mike Rogers (MI-08) is doing a great job of turning legitimate national security issues into a tale told by an idiot.

He's still squeaking about a possible transfer of Guantanamo prisoners to Standish, MI, only now he's moved the idiocy to the larger stage of an NRC conference call.

Rogers suggested that Guantanamo Bay's name be changed rather than closing the facility.

Rogers was joined by Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS), who threatened to shut down the Senate over any such transfers.  Pete Hoekstra (MI-02) chimed in, too.

Come on, boys.

First of all, the federal government is considering a number of secure sites for Guantanamo detainees, including Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. No decision has been made.

Next, there are currently 216 international terrorists (not to mention 139 domestic ones) being held in U.S. prisons. The Supermax facility in Colorado is home to Omar Abdel-Rahman, Zacarias Moussaoui, Ramzi Youssef and other bad guys who were tried and convicted in American courts. Reliable sources confirm that the sky has not yet fallen.

Another point: Rogers and Hoekstra both fancy themselves National Security  Guys, serving on the House Intel Committee and making regular trips to Afghanistan and Iraq.  You'd think that they would make careful, reasoned statements and try to educate the public on national security issues. Well, Rogers spent the month of June wringing his hands and calling Gen. Petraeus and Robert Mueller liars. Hoekstra has a bad habit of Twittering details on secret CoDel visits to Iraq. It's not clear that either one of these men are capable of thinking clearly and consistently about anything except media coverage.

Last but not least, Mr. Rogers and Mr. Hoekstra do not represent the people of Standish. They do represent other districts in the state with the nation's highest unemployment rate. Are Gitmo hissy fits really the best use of their time (and our money)? It would be better for everyone if they dialed back the  drama and focused on issues like the economy, unemployment, war and health care.

It's unlikely that Mike'n'Pete will bother, though, since it would require them to help people who don't give them money.

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