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I came face-to-face with an inconvenient truth recently.

I wasn't very athletic as a kid. I was active -- I rode my bike, climbed trees, and practically lived on my rollerskates in the summertime. But I never quite measured up when it came to the things that are expected of kids in P.E. class. I couldn't run terribly fast, couldn't hold myself up on a parallel bar like you were supposed to for the President's Fitness Program or whatever, and I couldn't hit a softball to save my life. (The one time I did, I was so elated, I threw the bat, which was an automatic out. No animals or humans were harmed, I'm glad to say.)

I could do a lot of sit-ups, though. How random is that?

When I was going into the 9th grade, I asked my Mom to get me excused from P.E. on account of my asthma. My asthma really wasn't severe, but my adolescent angst was, and I just couldn't bear the thought of enduring a daily opportunity to embarrass myself in front of my peers while wearing polyester shorts in a most unfortunate shade of blue.

And so, I assumed the mantle of gawky, uncoordinated nerd. With the exception of my fingers, which only became more and more nimble on the piano. I worked the system to meet my needs.

I came to regret this state of affairs by and by, though. I've never had too much of a weight problem (though I did pack on 20 lbs. in the year after my Mom died -- I took it off with the help of Weight Watchers), but I did suspect that better physical fitness would be a good idea for me. Fortunately, I love to walk. Eventually, I even took up karate, and earned my black belt, not because I was talented at it, but because I loved it, worked hard, and was just plain stubborn. Oh, and along the way, I had gotten over my fear of embarrassing myself in public -- that helped a lot.

Fast forward to today. McDoc bought a bike last summer when we moved closer to his workplace. He wanted me to get one, too, so we could tool around together, but I declined, stubbornly sticking to my preference for walking.

McDoc can be stubborn, too, though, and when he took his bike in for a tuneup last month, he suggested I test ride a bike, just for grins.

OMG, it was so fun!

I decided to name her Junebug.

Note: the smiley face on my hip is there to cover up a wardrobe malfunction that neither McDoc nor I noticed til it was time to upload the photo just now. =]

So here's the inconvenient truth I have to deal with: I have a tendency to get depressed when left to my own devices. Regular exercise greatly alleviates that situation. It can be a vicious cycle, because if I don't exercise, I get depressed, so I don't feel like exercising, so I get more depressed, and so on, and so on.

Luckily for me, the weather has been beautiful lately, and my new bike is so cute, that I was able to achieve escape velocity. It's only been a week or so, but the change is marked. So, whether I like it or not, I'd better keep it up.

Have you had any similarly humbling yet ultimately beneficial realizations lately?

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brillig brings us fit and happy Top Mojo!

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