Got Blue Cross Blue Shield's Summer 2009 Newsletter today.

Open it up, and in addition to the usual stuff everybody should already know about, there's this:

Blue Cross Blue Shield Recommends End-of-Life Discussion

That's right.  One of the nation's largest HMO's advocates DEATH PANELS!
I wonder if the deather protester wearing the Anthem t-shirt knows about this?

Besides, they can't get a "Summer" newsletter out until the 2nd week of August?  So much for the private sector...

UPDATE: Olbermann is reporting that the provision has been removed from "the bill," which version I don't know.

Now Howard Dean (on K.O.) is saying it will be in the bill.  So I don't know what the status really is.

In any case, if skillfully played, this has the potential of backlash against Repubs ala Schiavo.

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