Robert Reich has called for a 'march on Washington' in support of the public option on September 13th.  This will be the day after the tea-baggers plan to astroturf the capital.

We need all who support the public option to get behind a nationwide rally to support it on September 13th, to show how much stronger our support is than the teabaggers.  While the central element will be a march on Washington, we need similar demonstrations in cities across the country.  Reich's proposed timing couldn't be any better - the weekend after Congress reconvenes, the day after the teabaggers rally, and two days before Baucus' imposed deadline.

Remember the national day of protest last November about Proposition 8?  Well we need that again, but bigger, and this time before we lose!  Do we really have to get kicked in the stomach again before we speak up?  Do we really want to cede the spotlight and the media attention to the teabaggers?

A website has been set up, there is a Facebook group, and now Congressman Chaka Fattah (D-PA) has also lent his voice to the effort.

If two million people can go to Washington to celebrate Obama's victory in the middle of winter, surely we can get a huge crowd out for what is the biggest healthcare fight of our generation.

You are needed to help get the word out!  Please rec this diary, join the facebook group, and pass the word on.  In particular, pass the word on to our grassroots leaders, other organizers, progressive media, bloggers, diarists, and anyone else who can help this event succeed.

We need supporters of the public option to get the attention of Congress, the administration, the media, and the entire nation.  We can't wait any longer!  We need to give the public option a huge push for the fall session.  Please join us in organizing a nationwide rally on September 13th.

Twitter hashtag: #publicoptionmarch

Update:  Thanks for the recs people!  I would just like to repeat that we are just getting this rolling, based on the call of Robert Reich and Congressman Chaka Fattah.  We will be needing volunteers to take leadership and organizational rolls to make this a success.  If you are such a motivated person, please step forward and organize something in your city or community.  If you have contacts in grassroots organizations that could lend support or organizational power, please pass this on.  Contact your Congress(wo)man to tell them to get behind this like Chaka Fattah, member of the progressive caucus.  Notify your progressive media.  We need everyone who supports the public option to make their voices heard in September!

Originally posted to kindofblue on Fri Aug 21, 2009 at 03:18 AM PDT.


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