A recently formed group, (a "Think Tank" according to Tom Jackson Tampa Tribune) has organized a protest against Health Reform Tomorrow, Saturday 8/22/09 beginning at 11:00 AM  John Russell a leader on the Single Payer issue is asking people to be at Congresswoman Castor's Armenia Ave. Office to EDUCATE the ill informed among us!  Inform ALL of your friends and let's have a good showing.  Directions below. Contact John Russell 813-625-2822

See ya'll HERE Saturday morning at 10:30 AM
Tampa Office
4144 N Armenia Ave
Suite 300
Tampa, FL 33607
Phone: (813)871-2817
Fax: (813)871-2864

Congresswoman Castor's office is located on Armenia Ave. just SOUTH of Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd.

We want Our SIDE There At 10:30! Please FORWARD/DISTRIBUTE far and wide!


A group of recently  organized and "ill informed" opponents to Health Reform are set to meet for protest purposes this Saturday morning at 11:00 am at District 11 Congresswoman Kathy Castor's Armenia St. Office in Tamap.  

This represents an excellent opportunity to educate and inform those who are so MIS - informed on the other side... perhaps to great effect as likely as not, some media will be there secondary to recent events.  

I am suggesting that we surprise the opposition w/ a
significant presence.  Signs, smart people etc.   Rep. Castor's address is below.  

Thanks and let's support OUR cause for a LEGITIMATE piece of legislation NOT the legislative offal being concocted in the Senate by Baucus/ Grassley et al!

It is up to YOU/US to set Washington STRAIGHT on the issue of Health Care Reform vs the coming.... Health ......INSURANCE.... "Reform "  Please spread the WORD...

This will be a very worthwhile couple of hours on a Saturday morning.

Thanks, John Russell, MS/ARNP, MBA Health Systems Mgt.                

My contact info appears below.

For review... Here's HOW you do a Public  Option /Single Payer Health Care Reform    


See ya'll HERE Saturday morning at 10:30 AM
Tampa Office
4144 N Armenia Ave  Just South of MLK Blvd.   Get off I-275 at MLK and head
Suite 300                                      WEST to Armenia... or from
Tampa, FL 33607                                Dale Mabry or Himes head
Phone: (813)871-2817                            East on MLK to Armenia..
Fax: (813)871-2864

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