President Obama may stand behind the Public Option next week, he may not. For some of us, the "Public Option" is a pale shadow of the Single Payer system we support.

Here in Pennsylvania, we're working for Single Payer. We even have State House and Senate bills ready to be brought to the floor, ever-growing numbers of legislative co-sponsors, support from City and County governments, a successful rally at the State Capitol Rotunda under our belts, and another to come next month.

What we need is help with word of mouth. Whether you view Single Payer as the best idea, or a fall-back if the public option fails, please take a look at the information after the jump.

Thanks in advance, a lot of people too sick too help themselves are counting on you!

Single Payer is NOT Socialized Medicine. You can read all about it, and view the PA legislative bills here. Basically, Single Payer is a system where health care is still privately-provided, but the state acts as the insurance company. The PA system is designed to be cost effective, self-supporting after the first year, and to provide better care with improved outcomes.

We are holding a rally at the Capitol Rotunda on 20 October 2009. You can view the full information here. If you can attend, FANTASTIC! If you need help with a ride or accommodations, there is contact information on the flyer.

Please join our mailing list at info (at) healthcare4ALLPA (dot) org. You can follow our cause on Facebook or Twitter. We need help spreading the word, and stopping the wingnut lies.

In addition, we are entered in the 3 banana contest for 501c3 organizations. The idea is that 3 banana will give $5000 to the organization that can get the highest number of comments answering the question "why should people care about our cause?" We'd use the money to fund buses for the 20 October rally, and for outreach and education efforts. You can comment here.  

Remember that socialized medicine in Canada didn't begin as a countrywide event: it starts in Saskatchewan, and spread as people saw the benefits. If we can get Single Payer passed here in Pennsylvania, not only will our residents have the best health care system in America, but people will see how it makes our people healthier and our companies more economically competitive, and it will spread across the country.

Finally, for those in favour of a Public Option: IF a Public Option passes, we would promote Single Payer as the Pennsylvania exchange allowed under the various bills under consideration. It would NOT adversely affect anything on that front.

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