I subscribe to Townhall's emails to stay on top of the conservative viewpoint. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's sad, and sometimes I even agree with something.

And sometimes it is tragi-comic.

Like the letter over the fold from Rep. Joe Wilson, pleading for money...

"If you believe with me that the government-run health plan is bad medicine for America, then I need your support."

Or if you think a government-run healthcare, like the Tricare that Joe Wilson gets, is good medicine for America, go contribute to his opponent, Rob Miller.

Reproduced in full:

Dear friend,

Today, I need your help more than ever before. I've been under attack by the liberal left for months because of my opposition to their policies, especially government-run healthcare. They've run commercials in my home district and flooded my office with phone calls and protestors. They've done everything they can to quiet my very vocal opposition to more government interference in our lives. Now, it's gotten even worse.

But I will not stop fighting against their policies that will only lead to more government interference, more spending, and higher deficits.

Support Joe Wilson

Will you please watch this video and stand with me against liberal attacks by making a donation to my campaign?

I know that my voice is serving as the voice for Americans across the country who are tired of irresponsible government programs that have only worsened our situation. During the August recess, I listened to thousands of concerned taxpayers who are mad at the rate in which liberal Democrats are spending their hard-earned money. They were shocked distraught by our nation's slide toward extreme liberal big government and the attempts by Democrats to nationalize the auto industry and the banking industry.

I am also frustrated by this, but watching my Democratic colleagues in Congress scoff at the protests of their constituents has made me even more infuriated. Unfortunately I let that emotion get the best of me and I reacted by speaking out during the President's speech. I should not have disrespected the President by responding in that manner.

But I am not sorry for fighting back against the dangerous policies of liberal Democrats. America's working families deserve to have their views represented in Washington, and I will do so with civility. But I will not back down.

Now, I need your help. Yesterday, the liberals used my outburst as a rallying cry behind my Democratic opponent. Some of the nation's most liberal online activists have helped him raise over $400,000 in just a few short hours.

As I said, I will continue to passionately fight against the Democrats' big-government agenda, but I can't do that if we let the Democrats take this seat.

Will you please visit take a few minutes today to watch this video, and make a donation to my campaign? It will take a lot of work, but I know we can match what the liberals poured into my opponent's bank account last night, and fight back against the Democrats' unwavering attacks.

Please click here now to watch my video and help me continue my fight. Thank you.


Joe Wilson
U.S. Representative

P.S. I will not give up my fight against big-government policies, but I need your help to push back against liberal attacks. Will you please watch this video and stand with me today by making a donation to my campaign??

I humbly suggest that we support a true American hero, an Iraq veteran, a voice of common sense, Joe Wilson's opponent next year--Rob Miller. Click to donate.

Wouldn't it be great to turn Wilson's own fund raising effort into a tool for his defeat!

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