Did y'all miss me?! I missed you oodles & bunches, but I did my part in saving all sentient beings from suffering, so I had that going for me. ;D


Today's "this day in history" items are going to be the "coverage" of some semi - obscure but fun birthdays. Actor Walter Koenig is 73 today. Who is Walter Koenig? THIS is Walter Koenig.

I tried to find his scream from Wrath of Khan when Khan puts the thing in his ear but couldn't find it - bummer man! ;D

And, the lady who shot J.R. aka one of Bing Crosby's kids that didn't get beat up on by dear 'ol dad aka Mary Crosbyis 50 today. Yea, when I was in 4th grade when all the "Who Shot J.R.?" stuff was all the rage, I lost a bet with my best friend because I said Sue Ellen did it. Oh well...

Let's Countdown!

Thanks to David Shuster for pinch – hitting for Keith tonight! I hope Keith and/or his dad are OK; Keith was on FNIA last night, so we all hope you’re back soonest.

#5 "United in Hatred" - If the goal for the 9/12 "people" was to get everyone to unite & forget red states and blue states & such, it would seem they failed miserably. Upwards of 70,000 people gathered in DC on Saturday to express their hatred of our President. And, David Shuster NAILED it! On September 12, 2001, no one compared GWB to Hitler, Stalin, or anyone else; no one was showing up to GWB events packin’ heat, no one questioned GWB’s legitimacy, etc. And, some GOP Congress critters showed up to these events on Saturday & basically egged everyone on. 1...2...3...CLASSY! We got Senator Jim DeMint, Rep. Phil Gingery, and a host of other wieners. For the love of all that’s holy, can we let South Carolina secede already?! Senator DeMint actually said,

Freedom fighters are outnumbered in Congress.

Holy crap... ya’ know, a part of me wants these "people" to keep spewing what they’re spewing in order to, to paraphrase Rep. Maxine Waters, bury themselves. But, dammit, there’s only so much of this I can take! Wow, Howard Fineman looks PI$$ED! Apparently, a lot of GOPers are too chicken $hit to come out in the open & express their contempt for the likes of Rep. Joe Wilson, Lonesome Rhodes, etc. How ‘bout the guy with the sign that read,

We came unarmed (this time)!

Man, that is just some scary $hit. Howard Fineman thinks Roger Ailes is a good guy & is, apparently, one of the guys too chicken $hit to not allow what he allows on his network. Well, he’s apparently making some damn fine coin poisoning the airwaves like he is, so why would he change? O...M...G...someone actually had a sign that read, "I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!" $hit, I bet that sign holder hasn’t even SEEN Network much less know the context behind that scene! *&^%$#@!

#4 "Public Optional" AKA "Owning It" - It finally – FINALLY – sounds like President Obama is ready to push on with health care reform without the GOP. Praise the [insert deity of your choice here]! A bill might be coming out of the Senate Finance Committee tomorrow. DiFi is one of many Dems saying a strong public option isn’t a "deal breaker." Well, of course she’s saying that. Do she & Barbara Boxer actually get along? Senator Tom Harkin, new chair of the HELP Committee, however, is saying that a bill will pass WITH a public option. I swear these damn Dems are like herding cats! Wow! Did y’all see that poll result?! 63% of physicians support a public option in a health care reform bill; 10% would even be on board with single payer! DAMN! I know my math is weak, but even taking out the 10% in favor of single payer, 63% is a majority, yes? It sounds like Speaker Pelosi may be changing her public option tune. Gee, what a shocker. Oh David, I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. Some Senate Dems are not paying attention to voter or physician polls about the public option because voters & physicians are merely private citizens. They can only vote them out of office. Health insurance companies can hire these people once they’re out of office to be big ‘ol lobbyists. And, with this lovely bit of newstoday in Indianapolis, the health care reform debate for my Senators & some Reps may have just gotten more "interesting."

** "Emmy Win" Tina Fey earned an Emmy this past weekend for her portrayal of St. Sarah from Wasilla! YIPPEE! I LOVE her acceptance speech!

Mrs. Palin is an inspiration to working mothers everywhere because she bailed on her job right before Fourth of July weekend. You are living my dream. Thank you, Mrs. Palin!

HA! Oh man, watching those highlights again was just what the doctor ordered after that story about the 9/12 rally on Saturday. **

#3 "Regulating the Banksters" AKA "The Other Big Mess" - Lehman Brothers went belly – up 1 year ago today. President Obama claimed the days of bailing out reckless Wall Streeters is over. Uh, didn’t he vote for the bail out? Rep. Barney Frank wants votes on regulation reform for the financial industry by November. Yea, good luck with that, honey. Banks may be too big to regulate by Congress? Lovely... Just think of the ramifications of the financial sector in their donations to Congress critters if SCOTUS basically decides that corporations shouldn’t be limited in how much coin they can give to candidates. You think it’s bad now? And, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, y’all better read this. Being the SCOTUS wonk I am, I actually listened to the arguments made last week, and it very well looks like years & years of SCOTUS opinion on this issue may be scrapped. The Wall Streeters who heard what President Obama had to say today interrupted him 1 time for applause today. Guess they weren’t exactly happy campers, huh?

** BREAKING NEWS – O...M...G...Patrick Swayze has died from pancreatic cancer. Oh, how sad. Ghost is one of those few movies that make me bawl uncontrollably. How absolutely awful. **

#2 "True Compass" Senator Kennedy’s memoir is in bookstores today. How many weeks will that be #1 on the best seller list?

#1 "Incivility on Stage" AKA "Triple Threat" - OK, I wasn’t real shocked to hear about Kanye West’s shenanigans, but what the spark was Serena Williams thinking?! You DO NOT badmouth a judge or referee or whatever on MATCH SPARKIN’ POINT – especially after you’ve already been dinged for unsportsmanlike conduct! Beyonce’ was damn embarrassed & was incredibly classy for letting what’s – her – name get up there & talk.

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