He may have boxed...but he never was a REAL boxer.

I've always been amused by the references to Harry Reid as a "Boxer."  He may have boxed in his time, i.e. participated in the sport of pugilism, but in the most real sense...he was never a REAL boxer.

Boxing is a violent and regressive sport that has recently been eclipsed by the new Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) phenomenon that is the UFC.  That is what most of us now know as the principal sport of "contact aggression."  And in some respects, it's an advancement from the world of boxing that we now associate with the likes of Mike Tyson.

But there was a time when boxing was legitimate, and many folks like me participated in Golden Glove bouts...and continued in the sport beyond that point as amateurs in college.

I will not make any excuses for perpetuating a violent and pointless activity.  I see many mistakes from my youth, and this is only a small part of the cornucopia of things that I did, unthinkingly.

What defined us, however, was a drive and fire that can only be described as intense and obsessive.  

We wanted to win.  

All of us did.  

Harry Reid does not want to win, he wants to "maintain."  He wants to get out of the ring with as few abrasions to his face as possible.  

We knew these type of fighters...and they didn't last long, at least in the ring.  In the Senate, these types of "fighters" not only survive, but thrive.

Harry Reid is one of these types. He is not a "fighter" and never will be.  

At some point in his past, he lost his sense of direction.  Compromise and accommodation became his reason d'etre; the soothing fairy tale that he told himself while auctioning off his values and basic humanity.  Harry will NEVER take a political risk.

Let me repeat that: Harry will NEVER take a political risk.

That would require leadership.

Whatever lessons Harry learned in the ring, it wasn't on how to be a "fighter."

Harry Reid is not here for us; he's here for himself.  And as much as the "sport" of boxing has suffered many hits to it's credibility over the last 20 years, Harry Reid could give them lessons in stupidity and cowardice.

So, as a favor to us folks who were actually Boxers, please don't put Harry in our group.  

We may have been stupid.

We may have been unthinking.

But at least, we're not "Harry Reid."

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