DISCLAIMER: I do not support this type of political violence against or by the right or the left. what follows is what is actually happening in Puerto Rico, I believe this is worthwhile news, so I am bringing it to you. h/t Drgrishka1

A pound of coffee - $4.26

A gallon of milk - $5.69

Governor of Puerto Rico Luis Fortuño as he's surprised by an egg at his press conference ...


more disturbing than anything even close to priceless

and Puerto Ricans, of all political parties, all ages, from all walks of life took to the streets again today ... another day in paradise!

almost a mile of chanting (STRUGGLE YES ... WAIT NO!) protestors organized by the teachers, university professors and electric and risk worker's union members in front of our Capitol - completely blocking one of only 2 roads into Old San Juan - they ain't foolin' around - they shut Old San Juan DOWN in protest of mass public employee firings and our health care disaster!

I can’t believe I didn’t learn about the "huevaso" of my gov. until late today – for some inexplicable reason I was glued to my computer screaming obscenities unfit for translation at certain finance committee markup members (no cspan on direct tv here - WTF?). I missed the fireworks of Gov. Fortuño’s first public appearance since announcing the firing of almost 17,000 government employees this past Friday (adding to the 7,000 title 1 teachers, school cafeteria workers and janitors, as well as part-time govt. employees already fired).

Protest marches are definitely gaining support, and the roar echoing throughout the island is, "STRUGGLE YES ... WAIT NO! (¡LUCHA SI ... ESPERA NO!) it's on ...


A little bit of background leading up to yesterday’s ‘huevaso’...

Cast of characters ... well, payasos mejor dicho ...


Aníbal Acevedo Vilá – Popular Democratic Party (free associated state party - ELA), disgraced ex-governor, super delegate and first to endorse Obama here. Leading up to November’s election he was indicted on 24 trumped up federal counts of corruption – the political witch hunt investigation of Acevedo Vilá initiated by ...


Carlos Romero Barceló, "el caballo" – New Progressive Party and please don’t let the name fool you – progressive they ain’t! ex-governor, ex-resident commissioner to the U.S. (our only representative on the Hill – without a vote, of course). Romero Barceló is most loathed for his Cerro Maravilla infamy, and IMO, a negative political force that simply Will. Not. Go. Away. Even when he gets punched in the face after a heated political argument at a local restaurant last year. (he's the one in white sitting on the right, if you click thru - WARNING - there is no sound, this is from the restauran't security camera. If you really don't want to watch "el caballo" getting punched - DO NOT CLICK, PLEASE)

and this leads us to our current clown ...


Our new Governor Luis Fortuño – New Progressive Party, Neocon, McCain/Palin endorser, breezed into the governor’s mansion this past November trouncing the incumbent Acevedo Vilá while he was under the fabricated clouds of corruption and good old fashioned dirty politics. Strange enough (not), after the elections Acevedo Vilá was found not guilty on ALL 24 counts. sigh ...

In his first exclusive interview this past March, Gov. Fortuño was asked by pit bull reporter Rubén Sánchez of WKAQ if he would apologize to the former governor and his family for the constant character assassination during the campaign and calls for the gov. to resign based upon what everyone (except Fortuño’s rabid base) now knew were baseless and politically charged accusations. Fortuño replied that just because Acevedo Vilá was cleared doesn’t mean he was not guilty of everything he was accused of, and more. He refused to apologize.

The gov. wasn’t off to a good start with Rubén Sánchez, who only conducts in your face, no bullshit interviews. His second question was directly related to why an egg happened to be launched at the gov....
Rubén then asked the new gov. if he would like the opportunity to apologize to the Puerto Rican people for lying to them about his recently announced plans to fire 30,000 public employees?  - a direct contradiction of one of his major campaign promises. Again Fortuño refused to apologize and complained that things were much worse when he entered office than he imagined, it was all the former administration’s fault. (this was a March 2009 radio interview and I’ve written to Rubén for the transcript – will update asap)

It just so happens that the ex-gov. had repeatedly accused Fortuño during the debates of twisted plans to shrink the govt. budget by eliminating 30,000 public employees. "Si Vota por Fortuño, Fortuño te Bota a ti". Fortuño would always reply, "the only public employee that I am going to fire is Acevedo Vilá". ooooh, so very clever, but ...

It surprised very few that immediately after the inauguration Fortuño announced the urgent need to eliminate the exact numnber of Puerto Rican workers exactly as our ex-governor repeatedly claimed throughout the campain and debates - 30,000 public employees.

And just like that, the honeymoon was irrevocably over. Honeymoon my ass, he didn’t even make it to the reception! The democratic wing of the New Progressive Party (not to be confused with the democratic wing of the Democratic Party, but democrats nonetheless) and its’ leaders in the senate and the house openly threw the gov. under the bus. Buyer’s remorse is far too weak a term for what’s happening on the island, and as Fortuño and his neocons have come under relentless attack from all sides the actual situation for thousands of families on the island is desperate - and getting worse with each passing day.

People are angry and frustrated, families are suffering, and there's solidarity in the streets.

protestor having to use his cain to march - JOBS YES ... FIRINGS NO!

and a few miles away on the east coast ...

During the gov's press conference in Fajardo touting govt. funds for the sea shuttle and the few jobs that the $8.2M should bring, Roberto García had heard enough. He threw an egg, shouting "hypocrite", barely missing the gov. and hitting the banner behind him on the makeshift podium. He was immediately restrained and hustled from the press conference, with the few reporters in attendance following the action outside and leaving the gov. alone at the podium. Though restrained, it didn’t keep Roberto García from spewing a few choice words in the direction of the gov. Even though I laughed, I admit it – just as I did when the shrub almost got fitted with a new pair of shoes – I can’t help but be worried by an actual shift from protests and emotional words to an act of violence, even if it was only an egg.

A caller into WKAQ talk radio summed up a pretty popular opinion – gracias a Diós que fue sólo un huevo, y no una granada. Pero que pena que él no dio en el blanco ...

Thank God it was only an egg, and not a grenade. But what a shame he didn't hit his target ...

El hombre, identificado como Roberto García, fue detenido por los agentes que estaban en el lugar luego que le gritara al Gobernador "charlatán", "tú lo que eres es un abusador", "hipócrita, ¿cómo te atreves a hablar de empleos si le estás quitando el trabajo a todo el mundo?".

The man, identified as Roberto García, was placed under arrest by agents on the scene, and afterwards shouted at the  Governor, "charlatan", "what you are is an abuser", "hypocrite, ¿how dare to speak of employment if you are taking away everyone’s job?".  Link

Of course, he was arrested, and rightly so. What's not a bit surprising is the outpouring of support from across the island – almost raising Roberto to national hero status. The Governor has publically forgiven the egg launcher, but still has not made a decision whether to drop charges. Roberto García was charged with attempted aggression (the DA is also considering resisting arrest), and he is now free on a whopping $3,000 bond. The media has been having a field day with endless variations of jokes about the gov. and his chef – good morning Governor, how would you like your eggs – scrambled, sunny side up, or BENEDICT?
And one in particular that I share, with sincere hopes that my stateside friends will take with a grain of salt and without offense – how do you know that he threw an American egg? If it was a Puerto Rican egg it wouldn’t have missed!

Roberto García being arrested after throwing an egg at our gov

* Special Note - in case any of you might be thinking that this is our very own version of a teabagger ... no, no, no ... Roberto García is an activist who worked hard to get the gov. elected! Nothing like the feeling of betrayal felt by those who worked so hard to get their candidate over the finish line ... hell hath no fury as that of a woman political activists scorned!

** Special Note II - of course there is no excuse to resort to violence. EVER ... at the same time it would be foolish to ignore the fact that so many feel that our health care debacle combined with the mass firings are acts of violence against the people ...

Finalmente, el titular de Justicia pidió calma al país e hizo un llamado a evitar la violencia. "Exhorto al pueblo a que tengamos tranquilidad, porque la violencia no nos lleva a ningún lado", sostuvo Sagardía, al recordar que el derecho a la libre expresión no da derecho a la comisión de actos de violencia y todo aquel que violente la ley será procesado porque en un país de ley y orden nadie debe estar por encima de la ley."

Finally, the Chief Justice asked for calm in the country, and called to avoid violence.  "I command the people to be tranquil, because violence will get us nowhere", said Sagardía, reminding everyone that the right to free expression does not give you the right to commit violent acts, and anyone who violates the law will be arrested because in a country of law and order no one should be above the law." Link

There were also protesters forced by police to wait outside for the gov...

En la actividad había también un grupo de manifestantes a los que no se les permitió el paso a la actividad. "Fortuño, cobarde, el pueblo reclama justicia", gritaban en medio de una exagerada presencia policiaca que incluía lanchas y motoras acuáticas de FURA que se movían alrededor del área.

At the activity there was also a group of demonstrators that was not permitted access.  "Fortuño, coward, the people demand justice", they shouted in the middle of an exaggerated police presence that included boats and jet skis from FURA (Forces United for Rapid Action = Puerto Rican Police) that circled the area.  Link

The press conference had barely begun when the ‘huevaso’ took place, Gov. left standing with figurative egg on his face, and then pulling his best Speedy Gonzalez and hurrying off as fast as his little paws could carry him. But not before a precious little pout fest...

Luego de la detención, la prensa le cuestionó al Gobernador qué opinaba del incidente. "No tengo nada que decir. Ustedes, la prensa, decidieron dejarme solo", ripostó mientras abordaba a toda prisa un vehículo oficial.

After the detention, the press questioned the Governor about what he thought of the incident.  "I do not have anything to say.  You, the press, decided to leave me by myself", he responded while getting into an official vehicle as quickly as he could. Link

Well bless his pointed little head. The meanie press left him all by himself after a horrifying near egg experience. Of course, the reporter following the gov. to his car seemed to care less about eggs, (initial youtube above the fold), and was asking a question about the 17,000 fired govt. workers. I would have almost preferred our dear Bachmann’s "Thank you so much!" as an answer!  

At almost the same time as the ‘huevaso’ in Fajardo, there was a confrontation of police and protestors representing SEIU local 1996 together with photo journalists at the entrance of the Governor’s Mansion (La Forteleza) in Old San Juan. SEIU reps chained themselves together at the entrance of the Governor's mansion and the police used saws in order to forcibly cut them loose and break up a peaceful demonstration. It's a sobering video, and I'm in awe of their courage and determination (I've no doubt that Eve and Slink would have been chained right along with them!). The chant in the video is – ¡LUCHA SI ... ESPERA NO! STRUGGLE YES ... WAIT NO!

To begin wrapping this up for now ... the street protests are scheduled to continue leading up to an island-wide GENERAL STRIKE on October 15th! If you guys appreciate the short break from your HCR efforts, and would like to hear more about your fellow American citizens here on the island, I’d be happy to keep ya up to date as best I can. If not, then hell, I’ll just keep calling Alexander and Bull Corker (I love raising hell with my old shitbag senators) and I’ll keep up my calls and emails to the house progressives until the end of this fight.

Teachers and Electric Co. Union members protesting the firings and the health care crisis blocking the only other road into the Old City! Shut 'er down!

If any are wondering how HCR efforts affect us Puerto Ricans - our current resident commissioner to D.C., Pedro Pierluisi, has apparently been too busy with our multi-million dollar lobbyists in D.C. pushing for a statehood plebiscite (an additional multi-million dollar adventure on top of the lobbyists), and he just hasn’t had time to worry about HCR. (the gov. didn't seem to have a problem finding plenty of money for statehood lobbyists, but just. can't. seem. to. pay. employees). Everyone I've talked to is begging to hold the plebiscite tomorrow, so that the gov. and his statehooders could go up in flames immediately. It’s also being reported on WKAQ that our administration has until the end of Oct. to get their shit together or Puerto Rico will not be a part of President Obama's HCR. Then again, if we are force-fed mandates without an effective, inclusive PO there’ll be a hell of a lot more than eggs being hurled ... just sayin’

Oh, and for a final kick in the proverbial huevos – our local govt. has a $3.2B deficit, up to 30,000 govt. employees on the chopping block, plans of privatizing everything on the island not nailed down already in the works, and our dear gov. has been to D.C. asking President Obama for a handout ... for our fiscal crisis and to save the jobs of tens of thousands, you ask? HA! The stimulus funds that were supposed to have been disbursed last month? HA!

What is, he went to ask for a bailout for our banks? We have a winner! (will provide link asap)

Final question ... does anyone else on a satelite internet connection (term used loosely) feel like pulling their hair out during horrible weather? It's taken me since 7 last night to get this diary up!

¡un abrazo fuerte a todos los luchadores!

Teacher's kept right on marching at the Dept. of Education in the pouring rain ... 'Mr. Secretary (of education), ¡enough already with the uncertainty! (living with the fear of whether or not any of them will lose their jobs - along with their health care ... child care ... or their homes ...

the unbearable stress and uncertainty within so many families is definitely reaching a breaking point ...

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