If you missed The Rachel Maddow show last night, you missed a great piece of jounalism.  After Rachel expose Mr. Berman as a long-time leader of the Neo-Mcarthyite witchhunt of ACORN.  

Not only that, but he has been pushing corporate talking points for Big Tobacco, the Alcohol Industry(fighting Mothers Against Drunk Driving), the Agribusiness industry(promoting transfats), and countless other harmful corporate interests.  Here is the clip:

The fact that this guy, whose job is to promote pseudo-science and misinformation so that corporations contimue to rake in obscene profits, has long led the anti-ACORN corporate media machine, should show whose side the anti-ACORN forces are on.  

This interview was really great, because it was a real interview, and not the usual shouting match that we often see on cable TV.  

Here is the second part of Rachel's video:

Last, but not least, give ACORN some money, they're taking hits for the entire progressive movement, and have for years.

Originally posted to dissonantdissident on Wed Oct 07, 2009 at 10:31 AM PDT.

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