I thought since it seems that with every passing day we are closer to having a bill with a public option or perhaps Medicare Part E (Medicare for EVERYONE) that we could enjoy some humor at the expense of the health insurance industry, who despite their best efforts to kill it, seem to be losing the war.

Here is a wonderful guerilla musical that took place at the AHIP meeting yesterday.

AHIP is the powerful insurance lobby that spends 5 million dollars a week trying to kill health care reform. Billionaires for Wealthcare is a grassroots network looking to stop them - with song!


Billionaires for Wealthcare struck again at the national AHIP meeting yesterday.  They infiltrated the audience for a presentation by the industry's pollster.  They completely confuse him with "Thanks for your great work!"

Then one by one, they rise and break into song to the tune of "Tomorrow" from the Musical Annie.

The audience of industry folks clearly enjoyed it despite its cutting edge. And yet, security still tries to oust them, unsuccessfully I might add.  How can you stop someone with a voice from Broadway from belting out a song?  People actually can sing and walk at the same time.

It is brilliant.  I loved it.  And let's keep supporting NYCEVE in getting a public option for EVERYONE!

Link: Public Option Annie - A guerilla musical

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