350 is more than a catchy slogan --

350 is a target Ceiling for a very good reason:

that reason:

+6 C

325 or 300 ppm, of worldwide CO2 levels,
would be more like what the world really needs!

Alas, what is an Oil and Coal addicted Planet to do?!?

  1. Get educated
  1. Don't lose hope
  1. Do YOUR part -- No one else, can do that ...

Wind farm turbines in Oregon


Solar Farm


NASA Plants Solar Farm at Kennedy


Transmission Developers HVdc Technology


HVdc ?  Huh?  What is that?

HVdc - High Voltage Direct Current

HVdc has emerged as an economically viable solution for long distance large power applications.

-- HVdc cables keep energy losses to 3% per 1,000 km
-- Long underwater AC cables are impractical due to losses
-- HVdc cables generate virtually no electromagnetic fields
-- HVdc systems offer excellent (4 quadrant) control over power flows
-- Underwater routes minimize environmental impact
-- HVdc transmission has a high rate of availability and reliability
-- Underwater HVdc systems have extremely high reliability of service and are almost invulnerable to weather outage events

In other words, HVdc Power Lines makes it possible to get the Renewable CLEAN Energy, from where it's produced to where it's Consumed. Something that 19th AC Power Grids have definite trouble with.

Transmission Developers HVdc - Maine Express

The Maine Express HVdc Project is an exciting new 1,000 MW High Voltage direct current (HVdc) merchant underwater power line from an HVdc converter station near Wiscasset, Maine, to an HVdc converter station situated on the waterfront in Boston Harbor.

HVdc, as opposed to traditional AC, technology allows large volumes of power to be transferred in natural corridors such as waterways with minimal losses or visual impacts and with maximum control to the system operators.  The Maine Express will link the vast potential of renewable energy under development and proposed in Maine with the ever increasing load of Boston.  

The two six inch diameter submarine power cables will have a length of approximately 150 miles and will be buried on the ocean floor at a depth of three feet. The underwater route minimizes environmental impacts and offers extremely reliable transmission services with minimal visual impact to the communities we serve.

This new-fangled HVdc Technology makes 350 VERY Possible, as our friends in the European Union know quite well:

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In fact, they have calculated, that it takes a remarkably LITTLE Desert Footprint, to meet remarkably LARGE Power Demands!  

IF you can get rid of the Transmission Loss bottleneck of Traditional AC Grids:

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Concentrated solar power plants in North Africa could supply Europe
By David Weight  - July 2008

An area of just 127km x 127km covered with Concentrated Solar Power plants (CSP) would produce as much electricity as Europe is using now.

Two German scientists, Dr Gerhard Knies and Dr Franz Trieb, calculate that just 0.5% of the world’s hot deserts, if covered with CSP plants, could generate as much electricity as the world now uses.

One square mile of desert will generate as much electricity as 100 square miles of biofuel crops.


To learn more about HVdc - High Voltage Direct Current and what the EU is doing:
America could learn something from those Green Europeans
by jamess -- Nov 14, 2008

Imagine a 350 World -- It IS Possible!

all that is lacking is the will,

and the vision.

and perhaps the leadership (?)


Do it for Future Generations ... The time to Act is Now.

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