By now, many folks around the country have heard of my current representative in the Oklahoma legislature, Rep. Sally Kern.  Why have so many people heard of a state legislator from suburban Oklahoma City?  Probably because she has spent much of her five years in the legislature pushing a narrow social agenda, using her political position to preach a narrow-minded vision of religion that sees the movement of LGBT individuals seeking equal treatment under the laws of our great country as a bigger threat than terrorism.  (For example, see this and that).  

Rep. Kern’s actions have been so outrageous and garnered so much negative attention for Oklahoma that the most respected business newspaper in Oklahoma City, The Journal Record, published an editorial on July 8, 2009, that called Rep. Kern “bad for business” stating:

But we will argue that Kern is harming Oklahoma’s economic development efforts and that her credibility as a legislator is so eroded that even her home district constituents must be looking at her performance askance


Based on my conversations with voters, business owners, and community leaders in HD 84, it has become clear to me that The Journal Record is correct.  Rep. Sally Kern is out of touch, ineffective, and bad for business.

There is a lot of great momentum in central Oklahoma right now, with Oklahoma City really moving in a positive direction.  In fact, Money magazine recently rated the Oklahoma City metropolitan area as the best metro area in the country to launch a small business.  With all of this economic development going on, Oklahoma is in need of legislators who will fight to bring good jobs to the state, who will work to improve our education system, and who understand the need to invest in transportation infrastructure, which is the key to thriving commerce.

For the last couple of years, I have effectively and successfully run my own law practice.  As an attorney, I’ve represented hard working Oklahomans and given them a voice in the legal system.  I’ve achieved solid results for my clients by working hard and treating their issues as my own—using my legal knowledge to help find real solutions to their every day problems.  I plan to take the same attitude to the Capitol to fight for jobs, education, and transportation, so that we can build a brighter future for Oklahoma.

Our campaign has already received considerable media attention, especially for a state house race that is a year away, because I am a woman who also happens to be transgender.  (For example, see here, here, and here).  

This campaign is not about me, and it’s not about Rep. Kern.  This campaign is about the future of Oklahoma and our wonderful United States.  Exactly one year from today, voters in HD 84 will get the chance to turn the page from politics of fear and division to politics of hope, unity, and a brighter future for all Oklahomans.  

We have just 365 days left to get out the message of building a brighter future for Oklahoma through jobs, education, and transportation.  Can you help us bring that message to the voters of Oklahoma House District 84?  Please consider becoming a campaign sponsor today.  

One dollar a day until the election ($365) will make you a Campaign Superstar, $52 or a dollar a week will make you a Rising Star and $12 or a dollar for each month will make you a Grassroots Supporter.  Just go to http://www.brittany4hd84.com to donate today and help us achieve victory in Oklahoma House District 84!

Thank you!

Brittany M. Novotny

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