In 2008 I worked in Fayetteville, NC to get the entire democratic ticket elected. I donated funds, my 10 year old son and I knocked on doors,gave out flyers and acted as a captain using my home the final days leading to the election. I worked for and believed in the team of change! Each of these candidates adapted the Presidents platform when they attended rallies, getting us to incorporate them in the intensity of the campaign. We agreed, understanding that the President would need Democratic support to accomplish the multitude of goals we wanted and supported. Boy has this year been an eye-opener. I sent an email to my congressman - Larry Kissell - expressing my disappointment.  

Rep Kissell

I understand that you have decided against the health bill, even though AARP and the AMA has endorsed it. I am disappointed. The frist time ever I campaigned was last year. I promted the entire democratic ticket. Electrifed by the hope of change and the speeches you gave and the other candidates gave. I listened intently at the rallies to you and Senator Hagan.

For Dems to get to Washington and forget the promises and vote against the President that was instrumental in them getting elected is horrifying. Make no mistake. I walked streets, made phone calls and donated money for the entire democratic team for change. Every last one of you promised change.

I live in Fayetteville and have had no health coverage in over 2 years. I thought, no I prayed that we were getting close. The BS the cable news spouts and the Republicans, well that's to be expected. Not the spinless welching of Democrats. It's embarrasing to see Dems lack o cohesiveness.

We have the majority and can't pass a health care bill. We may as well be in the minority! For all the moral filth and lying that they do, at least the Repubs stick together. They know that if they hold out, they will win again. And they will. We are losing faith and confidence in the Dems to get things done. You can't say you don't have the numbers, we the people gave that to you. What you lack is the will, gumption and backbone to make difficult choices. In this case, you will lose Rep. Kissell. You vote against the bill,we the grass roots that voted you in, will not back you again.

Your words and promises are useless and hollow. A Democratic President and congress and yet we can't facilitate change. What a waste of my donations and volunteer time!

Fool me once, shame on me.

Edith McNeill

I know I am one voice, gathering the forces enmasse to carry NC for the Dems was a lot of hard work from a lot of people. We really believed that the Democrats would have enough backbone to make the tough choices.  I cannot believe that Kissell thinks he will win again if he flakes on the people and the President for Health Care. Almost every new voter registrant or person I approached about the unknown Kissell had one question.

"Is he on Obama's ticket?"
The answer was always yes. They would nod and say he had their vote.

NC allowed straight party voting and this pushed the Governor, Senator Hagan - (upset over Libby Dole) and the unknown Kissell to victory.

I don't expect blind loyalty, but I do expect campaign promises to be kept and some sort of unity. It would be great if he Dems could stand shoulder to shoulder and get this done. They would stay in power a lot longer. It's a whole lot easier to respect a team player. I should have known better.

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