I'm continually amazed at how so many public questions remain unanswered before we're on to the next round of unanswered questions.  Why isn't the American public howling with indignation?  

A partial and very incomplete list:  

Where is the CIA report being suppressed by Porter Goss?

Where is the Fitzgerald investigation into someone in the administration revealing Valerie Plame's CIA status?

Where is the investigation of Dick Cheney's energy policy meetings?

What's happening in the investigation of voting fraud and electronic voting manipulation, and why are stories and evidence not more highlighted?

Why aren't the administration's previously repeated lies about Iraq's WMD and how the story kept changing to fit new revelations not being sufficiently questioned and highlighted? http://www.thememoryhole.com/cold-shoulder.htm

Why isn't the fact that Bush disbanded the 400 person team hunting for WMD in January of 2001 not being highlighted and re-highlighted? http://www.thememoryhole.com/cold-shoulder.htm

Why isn't Bush administration's development of new and different atomic weapons not more scrutinized? http://www.thememoryhole.com/cold-shoulder.htm

Why isn't Dick Cheney's intrusion and pressure tactics on the CIA's intelligence analysts still being highlighted?  http://www.thememoryhole.com/cold-shoulder.htm

Why don't we hear more about oil in Afghanistan and how important it is to the Bush/neo-con administration?

Why aren't all American military deaths included in the totals reported, or the extent of real injuries to those wounded?

Why doesn't it matter more that Bushes policies reward the richest Americans at the expense of the rest?  

Why can Bush lie with impunity?

And last, why aren't we (the mass of American citizens) demanding the answers?

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