I'll get to Countdown diary SOP in a bit, but first, I'd like to offer some "breaking news" especially to "Hoosiers" who participate here & those who may be lurking. Hoosier & Hoosierettes, are you tired of THIS representing you in the United States Senate?!


I sure as $hit know I am! Well, the Bayhipede might - just might - get a primary challenger named Tamyra D'Ippolito. I don't know very much about her yet, but details will be forthcoming hopefully soon about getting her on the primary ballot in my fair state come our primary in May!

The only TDIH item I'm going to discuss has entirely too much resonance to entirely too many people in the figurative sense. On this date in 1952, Lucy first held a football for Charlie Brown in the Peanuts comic strip.


Too many of us have been Charlie Brown for too damn long.

Let's Countdown.

#5 "Health Care for All" - The GOP in the Senate (plus their enablers, I’d wager) are all about the delay delay delay in debating HCR.  Senator Mitchie McConnell is going to try to delay the thing for 6 weeks through amendments. Senator Tom Harkin is going to attempt, in a Senatorial way I’m sure, to tell Mitchie to stuff it by keeping the Senate in session as long as possible. Look at the pictures from the health clinic in New Orleans on Saturday. Lots of cases of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and a whole other list of conditions were diagnosed. 4 people were so sick they were immediately sent to the hospital. Wow, THAT is something. If that clinic hadn’t been there for those 4 on Saturday, they might have ended up a statistic that Rep. Grayson would’ve read on the House floor. One of the patients treated on Saturday was A NURSE that hadn’t been able to see a doctor in OVER 5 YEARS! What the spark?! Senator Mary Landrieu had been invited to observe Saturday’s activities & to be a guest on tonight’s show. She could fit neither into her schedule. Go figure... *&^%$#@! Keith, I think most of the Senators know about the state of health "care" in this country & don’t give a $hit. One of the famous stories about Senator Kennedy was taking colleagues to hospitals to see what patients – those without coverage or resources – go through every day. If hearts & minds could’ve truly been changed, those trips would’ve surely done that. Most Senators ON BOTH SIDES OF THE POLITICAL AISLE care more about keeping their rich benefactors happy than about their constituents who can only vote them out of office. Senator Sanders is WAY more charitable than I am. The CBO score on the Senate bill is due this week – I hope. The sooner the CBO score comes in, the sooner the bloodletting on the Senate floor can begin. The next free clinicis this Saturday in Little Rock, AR. Rich Stockwell, the Countdown producer who came up with the idea to highlight the great work done by the National Association of Free Clinics, was in New Orleans on Saturday. He’s published a first – hand accountof what he saw on Countdown’s website. Every politician who was invited to observe the clinics we helped to fund declined the invitation.

#4 "Republicans in Terror" AKA "Fright – Wing Republicans" - The American system of justice that has worked awfully damn well for an awfully large damn amount of people (yes, I know there’s errors made – some horrible & egregious) is now a last resort & the last line of protection for terrorists. So, how does Ex America’s Mayor feel about his days as a prosecutor? He went from saying at the end of Moussaoui’s trial

...that we can give people a fair trial, that we are exactly what we say we are. We are a nation of law.

to the American justice system being a less - than desired alternative David Axelrod had a "response" to America’s Mayor and so did some 3 pretty hard – core GOPers! Jonathan Alter says there’s enough evidence against KSM without having to go into the waterboarding evidence to convict him of his role in the 9/11 attacks. The current New York City Mayor & police commissioner have no issues & in fact welcome the KSM trial to be in the city so nice they named it twice. OK, that’s good enough for me!

#3 "Wasilliness" AKA "Sarah, Oprah...Oprah, Sarah" - OK gang, if I begin to feel too many brain cells doing kamikaze maneuvers to protect itself from teh Grandma ExGov TurkeyLover, I may have to bail on this segment. She still thinks the Couric question about what she read is a "gotcha question." Well, if you don’t read, then... Gawd...that voice... "...the perky one..."?! What is it with "ones" with these people? Then – candidate Obama was "that one"’ Katie Couric was "...the perky one..." IDIOTS!

WPITW – The FAUX News morning crew has teh fuzzy history about American Presidents bowing to other world leaders. Lonesome Rhodes thinks the effort to try KSM in New York is part of a conspiracy. Well, of course he does. Bill Kristol thinks efforts to bring to justice the alleged Fort Hood shooter is "...knee – jerk..." and "...stupid..." He wants to go straight to conviction & execution. Well Bill, we’ll all remember that the next time you get stopped by the fuzz or something. You don’t need a trial, you don’t have the right to face your accusers, you immediately get convicted on sight, and...well...then...

#1 "Maverick VS Maverick" AKA "Credibility Gap" - Former members of the Senator McCentury campaign staff are calling what St. Sarah from Wasilla said in her book fibbing – to be charitable about it. There are even emails to prove said fibbing. So, does this mean her book can be in the fiction section? Craig Crawford gets to wax Grandma ExGov TurkeyLover tonight – lucky him! That woman is truly a congenital liar & seriously needs some help. Anyone undertaking a reading of this birdcage liner would do themselves good by reading & re – reading this article from Vanity Fair. St. Sarah will sign said birdcage liner for $100. She can write her name?! Well, good for her; she did gain SOME knowledge with all that fancy book learnin’! ;D

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