WASHINGTON - Journalist William K. Wolfrum has uncovered his latest blockbuster, as he says he now has proof that U.S. Senators Diane Feinstein and Dick Durbin once shot a homeless guy in Reno.

Wolfrum had admitted to sitting on the story for various reasons, but admitted that possible changes in the media shield law made him feel that now was the right time to come forward.

"I have pictures, video, artist's descriptions, fingerprints, and even a tape recording of Feinstein telling Durbin 'Hey, let's put a cap in that dude,'" said Wolfrum, a journalist.

Ironically, it was a media shield amendment proposed by Feinstein and Durbin that led to Wolfrum's whistleblowing.

"When I saw the amendment, I knew I'd be shielded," said Wolfrum. "All I know is that I technically still have a job with WorldGolf.com, I think. Also, I was recently a character in Martin Eisenstadt's book. And, finally, on the odd occasion, I disseminate news. I'm clean."

While major outlets have yet to jump on the "Feinstein & Durbin Shot and Injured A Dude" meme, Wolfrum says he stands by his evidence.

"I have just piles of evidence here. And no, I'm not sharing it with anyone. As a professional journalist that's my right. I think," said Wolfrum.


Originally posted to WilliamKWolfrum on Thu Dec 03, 2009 at 04:34 AM PST.

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