Dear WKYC-TV (NBC, Cleveland):

You are the biggest piece of trash to ever broadcast radio waves into the universe. I hate you. I hope your transmitter tower blows up and falls into Lake Erie, and then is eaten slowly by zebra mussels. And then catches on fire upon contact with Cuyahoga River water.

Why, oh why, would you pre-empt Community, The Office and 30 Rock so that you can show a football game to which everyone knows the result before it ever started? The Browns will lose. That is all they are capable of doing. Everyone knows this, even the most die-hard, hopeful fans. Just putting this on TV makes those poor fans think there might be hope. Don't toy with them, because they're so close to committing seppuku anyway.

Not only that, the game's already being shown on the NFL Network, so there's no reason to pre-empt the only shows I look forward to watching to simulcast this stupid crap. If people want to watch this miserable excuse for a football game and they don't get the NFL channel, they should be forced to go to a bar, because we all know they'll need to drink heavily to endure this torture. When the Steelers are up 471-0 in the first half, the only possible way someone could be entertained by this farce of a contest if that person is too drunk to maintain a steady heartbeat. I honestly don't understand how even the most loyal Browns fans could want to watch this. Instead, save yourself some time and just slam your head in a car door repeatedly to get the same effect.

So, WKYC-TV, I'm pretty certain you're violating the Geneva Conventions by not only torturing the poor Browns fan base, but the average viewer as well. I might just report your ass to the United Nations for this crime against humanity. If nothing else, I'm going to the FCC because by showing this slaughter disguised as a football game, you're broadcasting obscene and indecent programming. I'm also pretty certain more joy would be derived in Cleveland if you would pull the plug on this idiotic attempt to abuse your viewers and go back to your regular programming.

You suck..... Times infinity, with no tag-backs.

Go to hell!
-Foucault vs. Deleuze

Originally posted to Foucault vs Deleuze on Thu Dec 10, 2009 at 04:51 PM PST.

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