Wow, this guy is a piece of work.  First he shows up to The Democratic Party of Orange County's Annual Truman Dinner to Protest the Keynote Speaker Nancy Pelosi with the couple of hundred of other protesters and allows one of them to pin a poster of Nancy Pelosi as Stalin to his back.

Dr. Choi is currently sitting on Irvine's City council and he proudly wore his Council badge to the event, representing the City where the vent took place.  City Council seats are historically "non-partisan" by the way.  And now he's using the publicity that he's receiving because of this photograph to raise money for his California Assembly race to out teabag his Republican primary opponents.

But here are some more details...

I was at the event, my husband was on the Committee for it and there were a lot of ugly signs, I wrote about this previously and Choi wasn't very happy to have his participation questioned..

Steven Choi was also seen "posing with another protester who was wearing a rendering depicting Pelosi as an SS Guard" and "including one portraying President Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler together" and yet he defended his actions.

I'm a Republican Party member and went there to express my disapproval of her policies," Choi said. "I have big concerns with what is going on with the government pushing down the mandated health issues... As a small businessman it would impact me."

Choi said a woman who was at the event with the Irvine Republican Council placed the rendering on his back. He described the criticism as a partisan attack.

"They are making a case out of nothing," Choi said.

So now he's making this nothing into some fundraising from his website...

Dear Friends:

Thank you for visiting my campaign web site.

Lately, many people have sought me out due to my appearance with the protesters against liberal House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

I am so humbled and honored to receive such an overwhelming outpouring of support from throughout the country (though there are obviously some opponents).

Will you kindly join my contact list to show your support for me?

I also hope you will help me by making a campaign contribution. Thank you so much.

So you know what?  I'm glad that my friend Melissa Fox decided to do the same thing.  I've known Melissa for a while know since Gary ran for State Senate in 2008, our kids get a long and I told her I would be happy to help her with her run for Assembly.  I genuinely LIKE Melissa and would love to see her win.

She sent her own email blast out and I think you should send her money and show Choi that he was wrong and that we don't want anymore representation like him.  No more.

Choi's Outrageous Behavior

You’ve probably seen the photographs of Irvine City Council Member – and 70th District Assembly candidate – Steven Choi wearing a poster on his back depicting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as Communist dictator Josef Stalin.

Choi’s comparison of the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives with a murderer of millions was a low media stunt   I watched him smile and preen in front of cameras and gleefully pose next to images of President Obama and Speaker Pelosi as Nazis, all while prominently wearing his badge identifying himself as a member of the Irvine City Council.  

Is this the representation we want in Sacramento?

Or would you rather have a representative who is interested in solving the real problems we face – critical problems with education, the economy, jobs, and public safety?

Send Choi a Message

Choi's outrageous behavior does not represent my values or the values of a majority of the voters in the 70th Assembly District.

We need to send a message to Choi that we won't allow extremism to represent us in Sacramento.

We need to take our campaign for education, jobs, economic growth, and the renewal of the California Dream to the voters, but without your contributions, our message won’t be heard.  Choi starts with a war chest of more than $100,000.  We need to match his fund-raising.

Push back now against extremism by making a contribution of $1000, $500, $100 or whatever you can afford to our campaign to make sure that we’re represented in the Assembly by someone who shares the values of our District and will fight for real solutions.

Thank you.


So send Choi a message and Donate to Melissa Fox.  

If he thinks he can fund raise with using images such as this, then we need to show him that his efforts will only help his Democratic Opponent.  

PLEASE help Melissa show Republicans in Orange County that the tide is turning.

So who is Melissa Fox?  I know that her being a good friend of mine isn't enough, but I can say why I love Melissa.  Melissa gets it, she's smart, she doesn't take herself too seriously and I can kick back in her house when we meet up to talk campaign stuff.  Her family is smart, warm and welcoming and they really care about the things that a lot of us here do at Daily Kos.  Her husband Michael is a blogger, brilliant and very passionate about the issues just as much as Melissa is.  Their son Max is bright, balanced and precocious and they encourage him to ask questions and be involved.  I can't say enough good things about them as a family and as individuals and I'm so honored to just know them.

Melissa is a smart, hard-working and passionate advocate for families, the middle class, small business, schools, jobs and economic growth.

She is an Orange County native, a small business attorney, a wife and mother, and a dedicated community leader.

Melissa was born in Garden Grove and raised in Westminster. Her mother was a registered nurse and a librarian and her father was a police officer and later a compliance officer with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He is also a Korean War combat veteran.

Melissa attended high school in Westminster, where she graduated as valedictorian, and then went to Brandeis University and Tulane University Law School.

After law school, she returned to Orange County, where for the last 17 years she has specialized in providing legal counsel to small businesses. Melissa lives in Lake Forest with her husband, Michael, a college professor who received his Ph.D. from UC Irvine, and their 11 year-old son, Max.


· As a small business attorney for 17 years, Melissa respects the hard work and knows the problems of business owners – problems that have been intensified by the current economic crisis. As a member of the Assembly, Melissa will fight to reignite our Southern California economy and grow the businesses and jobs we need.

· As a mother with a child in a public school, Melissa knows the devastating impact of the budget crisis on our children and our schools. As a member of the Assembly, Melissa will fight for our students and dedicated teachers, and to make sure that California's schools are the best in the nation.

· As a middle class homeowner and businesswoman, Melissa knows the financial burden that California’s unfair tax system – including hidden taxes such as increased vehicle fees, tolls, and college tuition – imposes on middle class families and small businesses. As a member of the Assembly, Melissa will fight for tax fairness, making sure that our economy is stimulated by tax relief for small businesses and the middle class.

· As a volunteer Ranger with the Orange County Parks Department who trained with the Orange County Sheriff and Fire Departments, Melissa knows the incredible commitment and dedication to duty of Orange County’s public safety officers. She is just as dedicated to fighting for those who protect us. As a member of the Assembly, Melissa will fight for our police, sheriffs, and firefighters and fight to keep them on the job.

· As a camper, hiker, and advocate for new green jobs and new sources of energy, Melissa knows the need for responsible stewardship of our land, water and air -- not only for all the recreational opportunities we enjoy, but also for our economic well-being now and in the future. As a member of the Assembly, Melissa will fight for new local green jobs, the development of new cleaner sources of energy, and responsible stewardship of our natural resources, including our oceans, waves, and beaches.

· As the great-granddaughter of immigrants, Melissa knows the contribution that immigrants from all over the world have made to America and Orange County. She believes that one of the greatest strengths of our district is its diversity. Melissa also knows that it is essential to our public safety and national security that our borders be secure. As a member of the Assembly, Melissa will fight for secure borders, responsible, legal immigration, and for the needs of our immigrant communities.

· As the wife of a college teacher who received his Ph.D from UC Irvine, Melissa knows the crucial role of UCI and our community colleges in creating jobs, stimulating local business growth, and ensuring a brighter future for California. As a member of the Assembly, Melissa will fight for the students and faculty at UC Irvine and our community colleges.

· As the daughter of a combat veteran, Melissa knows the tremendous value of veterans' service, their core principles of honor, courage, and commitment, and their needs after returning from deployment. As a member of the Assembly, Melissa will fight for those who fought for us.

· As the daughter of seniors, and the granddaughter of a wonderful woman who had Alzheimer’s, Melissa knows and special gifts – and special needs – of our senior citizens. As a member of the Assembly, Melissa will fight for seniors, retirees, their families and their communities.


Melissa’s mission is to renew the California dream – bringing to government a much needed breath of fresh air, new ideas, truth and openness – with a passionate commitment to California's future.

"Not very long ago, California was the envy of the nation. Our schools and public universities were the best in the country, our beaches and parks were national treasures, our freeways inspired countless popular songs, and our booming economy led the nation in jobs, productivity, and prosperity.

California was the best place in America to live, work, play, raise a family, and retire.

We called it the California Dream.

Now our schools are among the worst in the country, we’re building toll roads instead of freeways, our police and firefighters and teachers are being laid off, our seniors are being forced from their homes, our public universities are increasingly unaffordable, our beaches and parks are being closed, we lead America in foreclosures and job losses, and our economy is among the worst in the nation.

This must change.

Please join me in the fight to make California once again the best place in the nation for our families, small businesses, students, and seniors.

It’s time to renew the California Dream."

-- Melissa

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