This appeared in last Thursday's print edition of the Santa Barbara Daily Sound...
Thank goodness for Google cache as the paper has deleted any entry of it from their website.

Here is a bit of their hatemongering editorial writer Gina Perry's rantings, ending with a bit that the Secret Service may find interesting:

While chasing you with lawyers, lies, and pitchforks, Obama Thumpers will call you every name in the book. If you don’t take kindly to their way of thinking, you might be a gun-toting redneck (I still haven’t figured out what’s wrong with that), a racist, radical, or terrorist; a right-wing extremist; paranoid, dangerous, or violent. You might even be akin to one of those awful folks who opposed civil rights. (Those would be mostly Democrats, by the way.)

Character annihilation is not enough for Obama Thumpers. They want your blood and your young

The most dangerous extremist in this country is the one running it. Perhaps a bounty should be put on his head.

The last sentence is a play on earlier content in the editorial regarding wanted poster-style ads with a reward for arrest and conviction of the Chamber of Commerce CEO Tom Donohoe.  The poor phrasing of her end statement sends it way out of bounds, and into extremist territory....

Contact info for the Santa Barbara Daily Sound:
Phone (805) 564-6001
They do not provide an email address.  Hello, 1980 called, it wants its contact methods back...
Edit: link to google cache:

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