If there's one lesson to draw from the Rasmussen poll (yes, Rasmussen, so hefty pinch, salt, all that) showing Republican Scott Brown down only nine points to Martha Coakley in the Massachusetts special election, it's that the biggest danger is Democratic complacency. It's Massachusetts, we figure. Of course the Democrat's gonna win!

She probably is. But it's hard to be complacent in the face (and other parts) of Scott Brown, who is making a determined and convincing play for the teabaggerate.

Scott Brown Tea Party Fundraiser

There's his endorsement from the Tea Party Express, which is apparently the corporate edge of teabaggery.

He also recently was the beneficiary of a Friends of the Tea Party fundraiser. (In case you were wondering, you can be a Patriot for just $25 but if you want to be a Son of Liberty it'll cost you $100 -- and you can bring on the Revolution for $500.)

He doesn't think waterboarding is torture. No, indeedy:

"I do not believe it is torture. America does not torture, and we used aggressive, enhanced interrogation techniques."

And he really, really wants you to know that he would be the 41st vote against health care reform. In fact, at the time of this writing, 65% of his last 50 tweets (excluding those that used the Twitter retweet function) had the hashtag #41stVote appended to them.

You don't have to think he has a real chance at winning to be proud of voting against this guy.

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